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Terry Dean: Client Funnel Formula


Client Funnel Formula Here’s how to… if you’re a course creator, consultant, coach, copywriter, or service provider of any kind.

Get Paid to Attract Your Ideal Clients.

Why Does the ‘Buyers Search Engine’ Want to Flood You With Pre-Qualified Leads, Position You as the Premier Authority on Your Topic, and Deposit Money Directly Into Your Bank Account?

Module 1: Create Passive Income and Attract a Flood of Amazon Self-Liquidating Buyers with the Amazon Funnel Formula

  • This module covers the core of the system and gives you all the strategies, techniques, and shortcuts you’ll use to make your book a bestseller on Amazon.
  • You’ll understand the key factors in how the Amazon search algorithm works and how you can take advantage of the system to sell more books consistently.
  • You’ll also discover the most common mistakes authors make and how to avoid them. Along with how to launch your book with a bang and use low-cost Amazon ads to earn a profit while driving book sales and generating leads for your other products and services,
  • Why do professional writers see their income from books drop 43% over the past decade? This is why it is such good news for you to attract high-ticket ideal clients (most writers are clueless about the secrets being shared in this formula).
  • Why is attracting Amazon buyers so much more profitable… and much lower risk… than running paid advertising campaigns?
  • How to tap into Amazon’s unique credibility to sell more of your products and services on your own website (89% of buyers trust Amazon more than other eCommerce companies).
  • You may be surprised at how many words and how many pages your book should be to maximize your profits on Amazon (the answer may both surprise and delight you).
  • The single biggest mistake I made with one of my books was sabotaging my passive income, and lead generation, and guaranteed it was only about 1/3rd as effective as it should have been.
  • How do celebrity authorities like Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, and Seth Godin consistently publish bestselling books and turn them into millions of dollars in consulting income?
  • Why one-star reviews are vital for selling more of your books and attracting your ideal clients (if everyone loves your book, you’re doing it wrong).
  • How a free book consistently dominates the #1 ranking in the ultra-competitive weight loss category is beyond me. generating tens of thousands of leads each year
  • How to turn one big idea into multiple streams of Amazon income… along with dozens of income streams flowing from Amazon into your business.
  • The backdoor secret to creating a permanently free book on Amazon (and why even a free book can result in multiple passive income streams from Amazon).
  • Where to position “content upgrades” in your book to multiply the number of email addresses you capture from your Amazon buyers.
  • How to systematically turn $2.99 Amazon purchases into $495, $3,000, or even $100,000 in backend sales.

How to Improve Your Title, Keywords, Categories, Description, and Other Elements

4 secrets to optimizing your book in Amazon’s keyword search box so that your ideal clients can find it (and why one factor is so important to Amazon is that they’ll BURY your listing if you get it wrong, even if everything else is perfect).

One unusual way to get Amazon’s artificial intelligence to show your book more often under your most profitable keyword phrases is to use the word “shortcut.”


There are three easy steps to selecting high-traffic buyer keywords for which you can rank — even if you’re a beginner with no platform or email list.


How to write sexy product titles and subtitles that will attract your ideal book buyers and long-term clients for your backend (the title must do more than just sell your book; it must also attract your ideal clients).


This is a tried-and-true method for creating titles that SELL even in the most competitive and crowded markets, like weight loss, money-making, and self-help.


Remove the stress of deciding on a title by playing a fun game that often yields a half-dozen or more bestselling title ideas in just 10 to 20 minutes.


Three rules for selecting the most profitable book categories (and why just looking at the most trafficked categories could be a devastating mistake).


Backdoor methods allow you to list in up to ten categories, even though Amazon only allows you to select two during the setup process.


How to use the seven “keyword” boxes to appear in as many of your buyer’s search terms as possible (always use all seven boxes following the exact model taught in the course to reach the most potential buyers).


My step-by-step plan for making an Amazon description with rich text, such as headlines, bolding, bullet points, and more… to attract more buyers and sell more books.
How to Make Your Book a Bestseller and Always Attract New Customers


Why should you NEVER launch your book until you’ve completed these 5 steps? (If you miss even one of these, you won’t achieve the success you deserve).


A simple method for increasing the number of 5-star reviews for your book on Amazon. Great Amazon reviews sell books and add credibility to everything else you offer.


How to have a successful launch week and increase your leads, sales, and profits in the months ahead.

These are eight low-cost ways to advertise your book off of Amazon (these tiny ad sources are better for Amazon books than big networks like Google and Facebook).
How to sell more books with Amazon Sponsored Ads, including how to set up your first ad campaign, when to use the 3 different match types, and the #1 most important stat to track.
How to quickly and easily come up with 200+ laser-focused keywords that target your ideal buyers: without wasting money on lookie-loos who aren’t likely to buy from you anyway.

How to get the most out of your Amazon ad account by increasing bids on winners, turning off keywords that aren’t working, and knowing when to start new campaigns to make even more money.

Module 2: Podcast Traffic Unleashed: How to Get a Crowd of Buyers by Being a Podcast Guest and Telling Your Story

  • Being a guest expert on other people’s podcasts is the perfect companion to the Amazon Funnel Formula. Over 68 million people in the US listen to podcasts. And podcasts reach 485 million consumers worldwide. This is expected to increase to 800 million by 2025!
  • Podcast listeners are more loyal, affluent, and more educated than the average Internet user. Plus, there are over 2 million podcasts—many of which use an interview format. And they’re starving for qualified authorities (such as authors) who are fun and entertaining…
  • This module will show you how to find the podcasts your ideal clients are listening to, contact the hosts, and deliver an engaging interview their audience will love.
  • With each simple podcast interview, you can increase book sales and generate high-quality leads directly to your email list…
  • Why is a podcast listener who has just spent 30 minutes listening to your message 10 times more valuable than someone who clicks on a Facebook ad that interrupts them?
  • Eliminate all the hassles and heartache of dealing with Google and Facebook reviewers and communicate heart-to-heart with your ideal clients.
  • How each podcast guest appearance generates sales of this author’s book, adds an average of 100 new opt-ins to his email list, and attracts several high-ticket clients for his group coaching offer… all in a market that was too expensive to advertise on Facebook or Google.
  • How to connect with the podcast host and get them to wholeheartedly endorse your book, your courses, or your services. even if they’ve never met you before (this one secret is worth more than the cost of the entire course)!
  • The hidden truth about what podcast hosts are looking for in their guests but never tell you… and the one question you must answer in order to deliver an enthralling interview that will have listeners raving about you!
  • 6 proven methods to make a fortune using infotainment… Even if you can’t tell jokes and don’t consider yourself all that interesting (even an extreme introvert like me can use these techniques to create a magnetic personality during interviews).
  • 7 essentials to include on a ‘one-sheet’ to grab a host’s attention and provide them with everything they need to create an entertaining interview with you (this makes the whole interview process so much easier).
  • Simple changes you can make to your website to make you much more “podcast friendly” and attractive to big podcast hosts (hosts will visit your website and this is what they’re looking for).
  • How to create a free lead magnet that multiplies the leads you attract from every podcast (plus the one question to ask yourself to guarantee an effective lead magnet).
  • There are five proven ways to increase the pulling power of your lead magnet landing page (podcast leads are much more valuable than leads through paid advertising or other organic methods).
  • The cheap and easy way to create “broadcast-quality” sound at home that podcast hosts and listeners will appreciate (simple tools take this worry off your plate).

How to Get Invited to Podcasts That Reach Your Ideal Clients

Two free resources introduce you to all the podcasts you’ll ever need to reach your ideal clients (and how to piggyback on the hard work others have already done to sift through the best podcasts in your market).
How to choose the most profitable podcasts your ideal clients are already listening to (stop wasting time on podcasts that won’t send cash-in-hand buyers to your website).
Use my ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ online spreadsheet to track and follow up on podcast hosts… plus a free tool that gives you the email address to contact even if a host doesn’t list it on their website or domain records.
A backdoor technique that virtually guarantees the podcast host (or their scheduling assistant) opens your email even if you’re a complete unknown in the industry.
Steal my proven template email that makes a personal connection with the host, builds your credibility, and entices them to book you on their show (don’t leave out this vital ingredient in the “Get Booked Now” recipe).
How to SAVE TIME and ensure you have everything the host requires for an outstanding interview…Even if they’re totally disorganized (I was personally surprised by how off-the-cuff even some of the largest podcasters run their businesses).
4 magic words to say at the end of every interview to multiply the number of podcasters who invite you to their show.
How to follow up with podcast hosts and get invited back time and time again (one of my clients appeared on the same podcast six times, each time attracting more leads and high ticket buyers).
Want to skip the process of finding, contacting, and scheduling podcast interviews? I will share four booking services that already have relationships with podcast hosts… including the one I’ve personally used.

How to Deliver Amazing Interviews That Attract Your Ideal Clients

How using a single “power word” multiple times during an interview can help you bond with the host and increase their likelihood of endorsing your book… even if they’ve never read it.

Unless you know the secret, you may continue to make this error because hosts will actually thank you for it.

How to demonstrate genuine empathy so that the audience knows, likes, and trusts you even if they’ve never heard of you before.

The eight steps to a great podcast interview will captivate your audience and compel them to contact you to find out what they can buy!

How to keep your audience on the edge of their seats, waiting with baited curiosity to hear what you have to say next (this tricks them into thinking you’re interested even if you think you’re the most boring person in the world).

The Case Study on how to write interview questions that elicit the “Golden Thread” from you (the majority of podcast hosts will ask you the questions if you send them in advance).

If a distraction or disagreement arises, this is the quickest and easiest way to get the interview back on track (this ingenious strategy keeps the host focused on your message).

A word-for-word example of a compelling call to action at the end of your interview (use this “template” to get more leads for your list and book sales).

How to Begin With Podcast Guest Traffic Right Now: What to Do First, What to Expect As You Progress, and How to Evaluate Your Results.

Book in a Weekend: How to Create a Life-Changing Book in Just a Few Days Even if You’re Not a Writer

  • What if you don’t have a book yet? NO PROBLEM. Discover the system my clients and I have used to create non-fiction books FAST! Money is attracted to speed. The more books and courses you produce, the more royalties, income, and ideal clients come in.
  • Here’s how to get your message down in a no-fluff, easy-to-read book that has a life-changing impact on your clients. It can be done in less time than you expect.
  • This system isn’t for those looking for a perfect book (that doesn’t exist) or those looking to publish with a major publishing house. It’s for those who want to make a difference in the lives of their customers by providing them with a bridge from the problem to a clear solution…
  • Why are shorter books a better fit for today’s busy audiences (and the exact length you want to shoot for to attract sales and deliver what your customers are looking for—they hate fluff)?
  • Without writing, there are 3 proven ways to create your book faster: This is perfect for anyone who struggles to get their thoughts down on paper.
  • Why is narrowing your audience and topic the pathway to publishing profits on Amazon (and attracting more of your ideal clients)?
  • Three words liberated me from perfectionism and procrastination, allowing me to create more, earn more, and spend less time doing it!
  • The 7-Step Formula for Writing Your Book Faster and enjoy the process a whole lot more (it’s fun to write when you follow this step-by-step system).
  • The single most important thing you must do before writing a single word of your book!
  • How to uncover your book’s “hook”… its uniqueness that drives people to desire it and recommend it to others.
  • There are 10 proven book formulas you can use to skyrocket your sales. These are simple formulas that even a 5th grader could use them to make more money!
  • 5 steps to outline your book’s core message: and keep yourself on track throughout the book creation process.
  • How to find out which topics you must cover in your book to inspire your clients and help them experience what your book promises (if you leave out these essentials, you hurt your impact and sales).

A Step-by-Step Plan for Writing Your Book FAST

Step-by-step instructions for quickly and easily locating your audience’s questions about your topic. ensuring that you produce precisely what they require
Free survey software, three questions you should always ask, and my personal survey template… If you use a survey to learn more about your target audience, you will frequently find all the questions you need in an hour or two of free research).
How to create a clear plan that prevents procrastination and makes it simple to write each chapter of your book.
Why mind mapping is better than outlining and how my two-step mindmap process uses both the creative and logical parts of your brain to make an emotional story and a dynamic solution for your readers.
Get rid of “blank page anxiety” once and for all. (In fact, if you do this, you’ll never have to stare at a blank page again.)
How to manage your energy so you can finish your book faster… and why traditional time-management techniques don’t work for writers!
The key to finishing your book in a single weekend? including how both clients and I have done this on numerous occasions (and how to know if another schedule would be a better fit for you).
The most common error that slows down your writing process is how to flip this on its head to get more done in a few hours than you did in weeks using the old method.
How to weave micro-stories into your book to keep readers interested, bond with them, and drive home your message from multiple angles.
What can Batman, Superman, and Spiderman teach you about writing nonfiction books that sell themselves?
Get over any writing stumbling block with one simple trick that eliminates imposter syndrome and gets you back on track quickly.
How to stay focused on your core message regardless of how many rabbit trails or distractions arise along the way.

Unique Ways to Create Your Book Without Writing Get Client Funnel Formula Today

Why is “time off” important for an author, and how should it be scheduled to have the greatest impact on your writing and business profits?
How to use emails, blog posts, podcast interview transcripts, and other resources to speed up the writing process and get more done in less time.
How to turn your content into books, webinars, courses, and more to make money from the same core message in different ways.
How to ‘brain dump’ your book’s core content in 3 to 5 hours and deliver exactly what your audience wants to know.
14 hidden questions that will help you quickly and easily find your best content, case studies, and implementation steps. Often, you don’t know how much value is waiting to come out of you.
After struggling for months to complete just a few pages, a friend used a simple blueprint I gave him to write a 400+ page book in just a few weeks.
Every book should go through these two distinct and separate editing processes to become a valuable diamond that establishes you as a thought leader in your field.
When to add or remove a chapter from your book for maximum impact on your ideal clients:
People are ecstatic about creating a book that they can share with their friends. Here’s the most important thing you must do after you finish writing it to make that happen.
How to spot “weasel words and phrases” that undermine your credibility and reduce the effectiveness of your message (it’s amazing how common these are, even in books published by major publishing houses).
Where can you find low-cost professionals to edit your book, lay out your interior design, and design stunning covers? (Get your book ready to sell on Amazon fast).

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