Ezra Firestone – Blue Ribbon Mastermind

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Ezra Firestone – Blue Ribbon Mastermind


Ezra Firestone - Blue Ribbon Mastermind Greatest Hits

Increase Profits in 2020 with Smart Traffic!

2019 caught a lot of business owners off guard: ad costs went up, ROAS went down, old strategies stopped working like they used to…

Well, 2020 is right around the corner, and this time we’ll be ready!

Next year, a couple of good campaigns just won’t be enough. If you want consistent, predictable growth, then you’ll need to run Smart Traffic.

Running Smart Traffic means using a dynamic traffic strategy that leverages all the other channels of your business, like email marketing, content marketing, Messenger, and social media.

At Smart Traffic LIVE, we’re going to teach you what’s working best across all the top ad platforms…

And we’re going to show you how to generate the right assets for your ads, your emails, your website, and your landing pages so you can profit from more revenue streams in 2020.

To do all that, we’re bringing together the top experts in paid media for 3 days of:

In-depth Training

Learn More Candid Interviews

Learn More Roundtable Discussions

Learn More Audience Q&A

Learn More
In-depth Training
on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & More

We’re gathering 30+ experts across every major marketing channel to give us their personal business plans for how to grow a brand in 2020.

These top practitioners will tell you exactly how to generate more leads and convert more customers from your current campaigns and give you a ton of new traffic systems you can profit from all year long.

Get immediately download Ezra Firestone – Blue Ribbon Mastermind Greatest Hits
Lead Generation Campaigns
Top Performing Ad Creatives
Budget & Optimization
Scaling Tactics
Retargeting Campaigns
Repeat Buyer Campaigns
Data Analysis & Tracking
Campaign Troubleshooting
YouTube Video Campaigns
Google Display Campaigns
Social Media Management
Email Marketing Strategies

Candid Interviews
with Our Guest Speakers

Do our speakers think they’re just going to present and run? Not so fast!

We’re following up some sessions with questions from our hosts and from the audience, so we can squeeze every drop of knowledge out of these experts.
Roundtable Discussions
Breaking Down Each Session

Molly and Ezra will add to the sessions by contributing their knowledge on each topic.

They will also be joined by Smart Marketer COO Colleen Taylor and data expert John Grimshaw, who will lend their expertise on how to use these strategies to get the most value for your business.
Audience Q&A
for Advice Tailored to You!

How does Molly’s dynamic traffic strategy apply to your specific industry or market

What does Ezra think about your retargeting campaign? Ask them yourself!

Throughout the event, we’ll be taking your questions about the content and answering them LIVE on the air.

“Molly Pittman and Ezra Firestone are the BEST in the game!!! They literally changed my life.”

Yed Anikpo

Am I Invited?”
Well, that depends… Smart Traffic LIVE is only for people who want better results from their paid traffic in 2020. Is that you?

Then yes, please come! This event is for all types of marketers & businesses:
New Media Buyers
New Media Buyers

Avoid the costly process of trial and error. This event will put you light-years ahead of most advertisers. (Lucky you! We wish we’d found Smart Traffic LIVE when we were just getting started.)
Advanced Media Buyers
Advanced Media Buyers

This event is perfect for pros looking to sharpen their skill and learn the best of what’s working now. (If you work at scale, then you know how valuable it is to improve even one small part of your process.)

Get immediately download Ezra Firestone – Blue Ribbon Mastermind Greatest Hits
Whether you’re the owner or a team member, without a profitable ads strategy, it can be almost impossible to grow; with the wrong strategy, you can expect a lot of very costly mistakes.
Freelance / Agency
Freelance / Agency

In our experience, most clients won’t give you very much time to start delivering the goods. This event will help you work smarter, get bigger wins and keep more accounts.
Ecommerce, Info Products, Services, and SaaS
Ecommerce, Info Products, Services, and SaaS

No matter what kind of product you’re selling, the strategies and tactics taught at this event can be applied to all of them. The content of your campaigns might change, but the forces of advertising don’t!
Our No-Risk, “See-For-Yourself!” Guarantee

Trying to decide if this event is right for you?

Come to the first day of Smart Traffic LIVE and see what you think. If you’re not blown away by the value of the content, you can cancel for a full refund.

 Here’s What You’ll Get in Ezra Firestone – Blue Ribbon Mastermind Greatest Hits

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