Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers

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Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers


Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers



Embark on a transformative journey to Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers with Tim Denning’s masterclass.

 This expertly designed course offers an in-depth exploration of the art and science of copywriting, delivered through three structured sections.

Section 1: “The Copywriter’s Mindset” Master the mindset of a successful copywriter in this foundational section. You’ll learn how to overcome any apprehensions about selling and understand the pivotal role of mindset in creating compelling copy.

Section 2: “Four ‘P’s to Get You Paid” Delve into the crux of persuasive sales copy in this engaging module. Learn how to meticulously prepare for writing by identifying the main promise of your copy, understanding the pain you are addressing, articulating the unique reasons for choosing your offer, and acknowledging potential objections. You’ll also discover the power of personalization in connecting with your reader and learn how to craft an irresistible pitch in two parts. Finally, gain insights on probing your results to continually refine your skills and deliver a superior copy.

Section 3: “Add Spice to Your Bland Copy” Get your creative juices flowing in this final section where Tim shares his top tips for generating riveting copywriting ideas. 

Turn lackluster copy into captivating content, and delve into bonus material that explores the concept of a “named oddity,” a powerful technique for adding a unique spin to your copy.

This course is complete with a bonus master copywriting worksheet and provides you with invaluable strategies to boost your copywriting skills

Enroll in the “Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers” course today to kick-start your copywriting career with success.



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