KopyWriting Course – Neville Medhora

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KopyWriting Course – Neville Medhora

Neville Medhora Kopywriting Kourse: A Copywriting Course That Doesn’t Suck

This Kopywriting Kourse will help you write better (aka higher sales from your pages) really really fast…like by tonight!

Get Neville Medhora – Kopywriting Kourse: A Copywriting Course That Doesn’t Suck at the getwsdo

A few years ago it was a Wednesday night and I couldn’t fall asleep.

It was because I was reading materials that opened my eyes so wide, it felt like that scene in The Matrix where I could SEE for the first time.

I was reading materials about a subject commonly known as “copywriting” to most of the world.

And the reason I was up so damn late was that I was re-thinking every single thing I’ve ever tried to sell my whole life.

From the time I was in middle school selling burned CD’s, till that very day when I owned several small businesses, including a rave company that drop-shipped light-up and glow stuff.

Speaking of that little rave company, I thought it would be the PERFECT testing grounds to try out my newly found copywriting skills.  Why?

Well because that business had an email list of 7,500 customers who’d opted into the email list…..yes I was making barely $40 per email blast I sent out to all those people.

And here’s the thing:


Get Neville Medhora – Kopywriting Kourse: A Copywriting Course That Doesn’t Suck at the getwsdo

I put a massive amount of effort into taking photos, writing descriptions, and designing these emails!

…..and all it got me in return was NEGATIVE $40 per email.

Here’s what some of the emails looked like.

They were long, had lots of pictures, and were very “clicky”

SO what would happen when someone would get one of these emails?  Here are the stats:
List size: 7,500
Open Rate: 35 – 40%
Sales: 2 (at most)
Profit per 7,500 emails sent: $40
Cost of Email service per month: $80
Net Profit:  -$40   🙁


So with the advice of some marketing friends, I embarked on a journey to change this around.

If I couldn’t make money from 7,500 PREVIOUSLY PAYING customers, I really was in trouble.

So I searched and searched and eventually found what’s known as “Copywriting.”

After studying copywriting, I finally realized something about the marketing world and all the different mediums of communicating with people:

Google AdSense = What makes a good ad?  Good copy.

Facebook Ads = What makes a high converting Facebook ad?  Good copy and psychology.
Email marketing = What makes a high converting email list?  Damn good copy.
Content marketing = What makes people link to your articles?  Damn great content which is usually a combination of great copy and very helpful info.
Video marketing = What makes people pay attention to your videos?  Damn a great video which is based on a solid script and laid out in a psychologically convincing way.
What I’m blatantly trying to show you here is that ALL GREAT MARKETING COMES DOWN TO THE COPY BEHIND IT:
These all are different forms of communication that are trying to accomplish the exact same goal:

Get information from one brain to another!

If you’re trying to write a sales page, you are trying to get information into someone’s brain that convinces them to buy. If you’re writing an email to thousands of people on an email list, you are trying to get information into their brains.
Either to sell them on a concept, or sell them on a product. If you’re making a video for your website, you’re trying to get information into someone’s brain.
Basically, all these forms of communication boil down to how well we can get a piece of information stuck into someone’s brain.
And guess what? There are good and bad ways of doing this.
When I first learned about copywriting I was staying up till 6 in the morning studying different techniques and tactics. I was both happy AND sad I had just learned about it. Happy because now I felt like I’d be successful in life since I could sell stuff 10x better. Sad because I had only just now learned this.
I remember in high school me and a friend did an experiment where we power washed driveways for people.  We borrowed a power washer and set out door-to-door. The way we approached people when they answered the door was this brilliant line:
“Uhhh, do you want us to power wash your driveway?”
Uggh….so stupid we were.
You see, back then I had NO idea how the hell to sell.  AND HOW WOULD I? It’s not something they teach in school.  And even if you learn the School of Hard Knocks, you still might go through life selling the wrong way. In case you’re wondering, I would’ve sold the power washing in a totally different way:
I would’ve first written out a script before going out and talking to people. The script would be written in such a way that it would hit each psychological trigger that makes someone buy.
I would first get their attention: “Oh hey, how’s it going.  I noticed your driveway is like….crazily dirty.”
I would then get their interest by giving them interesting information: “I noticed you have kids.  Do they play out on the driveway?  They do?  Do you know they’re getting this toxic oil all over them when they play?  We can get all that off.”
I would then make them desire the service: “I also noticed it looks like you’re trying to sell your home. If you were to power wash this driveway, your home would look a whole helluva lot more well-kept. Here’s a before and after picture of a house down the street we power washed, take a look at the difference!”
I would then get them to take action: “If you want your driveway power washed, it’ll be $40 for now.  Your whole house would cost only $120 since we’ll already be set up.  You can let us know if you’d like us to add that service whenever.”
YOU SEE THAT??? That was a MUCH more effective sales pitch.   The cool thing was, behind writing that is just a small formula I use.  I can come up with this kind of sales pitch for ANYTHING off the top of my head since I know some copywriting techniques.

Who is the KopywritingKourse for?
Startups who are building a product, but haven’t found the words to sell it that get people excited.
People who are learning marketing. Anyone who wants to unlearn traditional marketing taught by agencies. This marketing is more about impressing colleagues and winning awards…..the KopywritingKourse focuses only on what SELLS. Often it’s ugly and simple but sells damn well.
Anyone new who joins your company that hasn’t had any sales training background. This single course can completely shatter their notions of how to sell stuff, and how to communicate to customers AND within the office.

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