Miles Beckler – Ban Proof Ad Blueprint

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Miles Beckler – Ban Proof Ad Blueprint

The $20,000 Ad Blueprint Behind Facebook’s Most Profitable And Long-Running Ads Can Help You “Ban Proof” Your Ads!

This little-known 7-template system allows you to write ads more quickly… Start with confidence… and obtain the consistent conversions required to scale your business.


Ban Proof Ad Blueprint Get Free


You want to buy Facebook traffic successfully and build a business you can be proud of.

But it’s not working for you just yet…

Facebook is still killing your ads.

When putting everything together…

You ensure that your copy is compliant.

You are in charge of all optimizations.

However, once your advertisement is launched…bam!

Facebook’s hammer falls on it.

These bans stifle business growth.

And as you continue to lose money, it becomes more difficult to buy traffic and scale.

You, like many others, have realized…


Facebook is uninterested in your company Ban Proof Ad Blueprint.


Why should they?

According to Sprout Social, Facebook’s total ad revenue will be $20.7 billion by the end of 2020.

Even more bizarre, revenue continues to rise by 25% year after year.

So everything is fine in Zuckland.

Small business owners like you and me are the ones who suffer.

Your ad account can be disabled for no reason, even if you run a legitimate business.

And your hard-earned money was thrown away.

Worryingly, things could get worse.

If history is any guide, ad prices will continue to rise.

Ad policies will become more stringent.

And the wealthier these guys become, the less they care about you.

Despite this, Facebook has nearly 3 billion active users…

…making it the best online channel for advertising and growing your business.

What this means is…

If you continue to wait for things to change without addressing the root cause of your ad’s failure…

…you’ll only waste more time and money in the long run.

Fortunately, there is good news.

Writing long-running, profitable advertisements is simpler than you think.



Introducing… Banproof Ad Templates

This is my 7-template system for quickly creating profitable ads in any niche… without having to worry about your ads being banned


Download Ban Proof Ad Blueprint


It’s the result of a year-long investigation into the blueprints of Facebook’s longest-running (and most profitable) ads over the last two years.

With this in your possession…

You don’t have to be concerned about what to write…

You are not required to sit and wait for magical moments of inspiration…

…or go through the arduous process of screening and hiring a copywriter.

When you’re finished writing your ads, you’ll be so confident that they’ll produce excellent results.

Is that all there is to it?

Once you’ve determined your target market, how you can assist them, and the type of advertisement you want to create…

Simply flip through the 82-page blueprint…

Choose a template that you like…

And use the ad examples to create your own.

What’s more, the best part?

It’s a simple blueprint that you can finish today and start writing winning ads the next day.

Come on in and take a look around…

The Hook & Look

Sometimes all you need is a simple copy that grabs the reader’s attention and sells the sizzle. This template will produce some of the simplest ads you’ve ever written. It’s also ideal for retargeting ads.

Six Shooter’s

When writing longer copies, you may wonder, “Are they going to read all of this?”

The six-shooter guarantees that your audience reads your copy.

It employs a tried-and-true formula for condensing longer ad copy. It also works well for business opportunity niches.

The Tall Story

Stories are popular. But you must tell it well.

You don’t have to be a master storyteller to do so, thankfully.

The tall tale captures amazing story ads; all you have to do is look at their framework to easily craft your own.

Zoom in on the Classroom

That is correct! By educating your reader, your copy will sound like fewer sales.

It’s also a smart way to establish trust and nurture your audience.

However, you run the risk of sounding monotonous. And boredom destroys conversions.

Classroom Zoom shows you how to share information in an entertaining way so that you can sell while you teach.

The Distinctive Criticism

Your market has a major issue. And bringing up the subject is a surefire way to get their attention.

The best advertisements have a unique way of introducing problems, and they pack a lot of punch.

When you follow the tried-and-true structure in this template, you’ll get a knockout punch.

Getting Lost in the Amazon

How do you get your ad copy to stop screaming “I’m an ad”?

This straightforward two-step template will show you how. It’s also ideal for video ads.

You can pull it off as long as you have customers who have purchased from you.

The Hybrid 

A mix-and-match of the six templates mentioned above but with an easy-to-follow framework. As a result, you can easily combine and craft a wider range of advertisements.

That is not all.

I’ve also included the top 24 of the top 100 performing ads for your convenience. This allows you to see the templates in action in real-time.

But then, an intriguing thought occurred to me. And as a result of that thought…



Banproof Ad Blueprint Isn’t The Only Thing You’re Getting.


I wanted to make certain that there was no misunderstanding about how to use these templates.

So I called my pal Landon…

Landon has been running Facebook ads for nearly as long as I have, and he is copyright and ad structure rock star.

He was a member of the group that set out on that crazy adventure.

If you hired him, you’d have to pay him hundreds of dollars per hour.

Anyway, I called him, and we came up with something special for you.



1hr Private Video Breakdown Of All 7 Templates + 24 Top-performing Ads



In this video, we look at the “invisible” elements that allow these templates to function.

We take you under the hood and demonstrate the techniques used to create profitable and long-running Facebook ads.

The levers of persuasion Psychology at work. The ad structures are on display.

We break it all down into simple, easy-to-understand grammar so you can use it in your advertisements.

Even if you’ve never written a word of copy before, you can confidently sit in front of your computer and create profitable ads in minutes.

And once you’ve mastered these tried-and-true ads and templates, you’ll be able to easily adapt their secrets to your market.


Bonus Video 1: Turn Your Copy Into An Attention Magnet With 4 Hooks Behind Millions In Revenue


It’s discouraging to spend time writing ads and money running them only to have your market ignore them.

Your ads should stop your audience in their tracks and draw them in.

You’ll learn the four dominant hooks for punching up your ad copy in this 30-minute bonus video.

If you watch it, you’ll never wonder how to start writing your ads again. You will no longer wait for those elusive flashes of inspiration.



Bonus Video 2: Confidently Launch Your Ads With Perfect Picture Training



Every successful and long-running Facebook ad checks five boxes.
We reveal these five winning elements of successful ads in this 30-minute bonus training.
After you’ve finished writing your ad, scan it and check it off this “5-point checklist.”
You now have an ad that is ready to go live and crush.
Doesn’t that sound intriguing?
But, before you decide if this is for you…
Here’s something you should be aware of.

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