Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle


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Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle

Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle

Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Ads that Resonate and Sell

Do you need help to create compelling video ads that not only capture attention but also drive sales? Look no further than the Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle. 

This comprehensive course offers a treasure trove of insights, tools, and hands-on exercises to help you master the art of video advertising. This course has everything from scripting to humour, branding to directing.

Why Choose Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle?

Fast-Track Your Scripting Skills: In just 14 days, daily video lessons will guide you through the process of researching, writing, and polishing an effective video script. 

You’ll also get behind-the-scenes access to real client collaborations, offering invaluable insights into the creative process.

Craft a Hero Ad: Learn the nuances of world-building and style to set your video apart. Understand how to build a long-term brand that resonates with your target audience. The course also teaches you how to keep your viewers engaged and how to select jokes that add value to your script.

Master Humor for Impact: Humor is not just for laughs; it’s a powerful tool for branding and retention. Learn how to use humour effectively to make your ads more shareable and engaging. You’ll even get access to a 500+ page joke bank compiled over six years by the lead writer.

Bring Your Script to Life: Learn every aspect of video production from casting calls to directing. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a director, how to create a rough cut, and where to seek invaluable feedback for improvement.

Course Modules:

Module 1: 14-Day Scripting Bootcamp This module offers daily video lessons and workbook exercises to help you craft a compelling script in just two weeks.

Module 2: Building a Hero Ad Learn the art of world-building, branding, and customer engagement. Understand how to choose the right jokes and plan a successful writing retreat.

Module 3: Elements of Humor Discover the tools and techniques for incorporating effective humor into your ads. Learn how to increase your content’s sharability and make people laugh while selling.

Module 4: Directing and Production This module covers everything from running a casting call to directing your video. Learn about production checklists, test shoots, and ensuring everyone is aligned with the vision.

Module 5: Animation and Motion Graphics Get insights into animation principles and motion graphics strategies to make your video visually captivating.

So, are you ready to elevate your advertising game? The Harmon Brothers University – HBU Super Bundle offers a comprehensive, hands-on approach to mastering video advertising.

 Enroll today to take the first step towards creating ads that entertain and sell.


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