Michael Hauge – Hollywood Story Selling

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Michael Hauge – Hollywood Story Selling



Introducing Hollywood StorySelling by Michael Hauge, the ultimate course that will revolutionize your storytelling skills, transforming you into a master storyteller.

 This comprehensive course is designed to empower you with the most potent marketing skill in the world, enabling you to captivate your audience and persuade them to take action.

The Hollywood StorySelling course is structured into seven detailed modules, each designed to enhance your storytelling prowess and help you connect deeply with your audience.

Module I: Unearthing Your Perfect Story

The first module helps you discover the compelling stories within you. Regardless of whether you feel you have no stories to tell or too many to choose from, this module will guide you to identify the perfect story that will resonate with your target market and establish you as a trusted expert.

Module II: Structuring Your Story for Maximum Impact

The second module focuses on the art of story structuring. It introduces you to a proven formula for structuring your stories to keep your audience hooked from start to finish. This module is based on the 6-Step Success Story® process, which is inspired by successful Hollywood movie structures.

Module III: Harnessing the Power of The Hero’s Inner Journey

The third module delves into the concept of the hero’s inner journey. It provides a powerful method to help your audience overcome their fears and take the action you want them to. This module will enable you to create stories that connect with your audience on a deeper, universal level.

Module IV: Writing Your Story in 30 Minutes

The fourth module presents the Michael Hauge Story Map®, a simple, fill-in-the-blanks template that allows you to draft your story in just 30 minutes. This module will help you create a well-structured story that conveys your message effectively and hooks your audience.

Module V: Hollywood MAGIC

The fifth module teaches you how to transport your audience from their everyday world to the world of your story. Using the same tools and techniques employed by 7-figure screenwriters, this module will help you create stories that persuade your audience to follow your advice.

Module VI: Bulletproofing Your Story

The sixth module focuses on avoiding common mistakes that can sabotage any story. It provides a series of checklists that reveal potential weaknesses in your story and shows you how to fix them, making your stories bulletproof.

Module VII: Story Mastery

The final module unlocks the storytelling genius inside you. It covers advanced storytelling principles and processes, including different ways to open your story, researching stories about your successful clients, and creating endings that make your prospects eager to work with you.

The Hollywood StorySelling course also includes writings and videos from some of the world’s best storytellers, showing you how they applied the same principles and techniques you’re learning.

In conclusion, Hollywood StorySelling is the most comprehensive storytelling course for business you’ll ever find. 

It provides a whole new approach to marketing, enabling you to tell stories with a level of emotion and persuasive power beyond your imagination. This course will help you grow your business, increase your bank account, and change lives, including your own.

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