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Menekse Stewart – The SEO Bundle

I love analogies, and two of my favourites are typically used to get people excited about the why of SEO – understanding the why makes consistent action much easier! I mentioned them earlier, but here’s a more detailed explanation.

Consider opening a physical store or office where customers and clients can be greeted. Rental contracts, utilities, taxes, interior design, and visual merchandising would all have to be considered, not to mention window cleaning, vacuuming, emptying bins, and changing lightbulbs. SEO is the digital equivalent of these things: making sure your online presence is neat, tidy, and welcoming to visitors.

Consider giving your local library a large box of books. There is, however, a plot twist: all of the covers are made of brown paper. The librarian has no idea what they are or where they should go, so she keeps the box in the back room until she has time to return and properly examine them. Ignoring SEO is akin to handing a stack of brown paper books to Google.

You’ve probably heard the terms “SEO” and “keyword research” and made a mental note to learn more about them.

However, when you Google “SEO checklist,” you get 15,500,000 results.

The first one you select is dense with jargon Menekse Stewart The SEO Bundle.

You choose the second option, which leaves you with more questions than you started with.

You start by clicking on the third one, but you end up in a YouTube rabbit hole trying to figure out what a meta description is when your Shopify or Squarespace website only provides an SEO description.

You bookmark the tab and promise you’ll return to it another day, just as you’re about to throw your laptop out the window.

Does this sound familiar? That has been the experience of many others like you.

YouTube University and Googling SEO will quickly overwhelm you with content and jargon-induced anxiety.


What is included in Menekse Stewart The SEO Bundle with Menekse?

  • A personalised SEO folder prepared for you containing everything you need to get stuck into the programme with confide personalized SEO folder with everything you need to get started with the program with confidence. ence.
  • 12 weeks of tutorials: Each week, actionable tutorials will be released on Mondays at 9 am UK / 4 am ET in both video and audio formats, so you can watch or listen to them whenever you want throughout the week.
  • Weekly feedback sessions for in-person assistance and troubleshooting: Have a question or need feedback on something? These interactive live sessions, held every Tuesday at 7pm UK / 2pm ET, give you plenty of time to ask questions and get help.
  • Weekly office hours where you can drop in for one-on-one help: Ask me questions on Voxer every Thursday from 12 pm UK / 7 am ET to 9pm UK / 4pm ET.
  • Access to Slack’s private members’ area for a minimum of 12 months: Have a question in the interim between feedback sessions and office hours? Put them in Slack at any time, and I’ll respond there!
  • Detailed strategy maps, templates, and checklists for your website, SEO, and content marketing, so you know exactly what to do at each stage.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course material, allowing you to watch and rewatch it whenever you want!

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