Kyle Milligan – The Beginner Bundle

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Kyle Milligan – The Beginner Bundle


What You Get on Kyle Milligan The Beginner Bundle:


Automatic Copy


Automatic Copy is the premier deep research program that reveals the exact research process I used to tap into the guru’s readers’ psyche. Also, for Rich Dad, and Poor Dad, I wrote one of my most successful sales letters.

Inside, you’ll discover industry secrets from deep within Agora Financial’s $300 million heyday.

Secrets that you can obtain by filling out the form on the following page.


That means you can find out in just a few minutes…

  • How to get involved in your industry so you know who the players are (and what they’re up to)…
  • Where to find successful promotions online and how to have them delivered directly to your inbox so you can study them
  • The distinction between what you need to research and what you simply need to ask your clients for…
  • How to make the copy write itself…


And because the program teaches you how to create your own swipe file…


You will also be able to…

  • Which ideas are original and which require further development…
  • What leads are effective (and why)…
  • And so much more!


But it does not stop there.

Because if you get your Beginner’s Bundle today…

You will also receive a copy of my ground-breaking book…



Take Their Money


You will not only be able to use copy secrets to speak directly to any human’s emotional brain…

And bring in more customers, sales, and money…

Almost always available.

But you’ll be able to decipher all of the copy you’ve learned to find.

Because copywriting isn’t done in English… or German… or Spanish…

It may appear that way…

But, in reality, copywriting is its own professional language…

Just as lawyers learn the language of the law…

And accountants learn business jargon…

Copywriters must learn sales language.

And what you say doesn’t matter in sales language.

Only what you communicate is important.

So I bundled Take Their Money into the Beginner’s Bundle to ensure you understand what’s going on in the copy you’re reading…

That way, you can improve with each sales letter that arrives in your inbox.

Furthermore, Take Their Money not only provides you with the decoder to translate the secret language of copy in winning promotions in your niche…

It also reveals every lesson I learned from my incredible mentors, including…

  • How to get your customers to HAPPILY hand over thousands of dollars by permanently removing their price objections
  • The one “magic” number you can use in your copy to increase conversions by 332%! (page 132)
  • The three simple sentences that will triple your sales without aggressively pitching your product! (page 135)
  • The simplest one-step trick for capturing your prospects’ STRICT attention from the first line… (page 14)
  • The four steps to effectively leveraging “urgency” without burning yourself out
  • And so much more…


In short, this book alone lifts the veil on the mystery of copywriting. And even provides you with your own magic wand to use.

It’s the only book you’ll need to turn yourself into an unstoppable sales machine in no time.

And when Take Their Money is combined with Automatic Copy…

You will receive every tool, tactic, and secret I used to sell over $7 million in my first year in business.

In other words, you get my hard-won wisdom, which I can now share with you.

But it does not end there.

In addition to every secret, I used to boost my LIFE…



Amazing Headlines On Command


The first is a 48-minute video guide with me and Pretty Fly Copywriting’s Justin Blackman (AKA The 10,000 Headlines Guy) that shows you exactly how to generate countless amazing headlines on command.

You get to stand behind us as we create compelling headlines from scratch.

You’ll never wonder what to put at the top of your promo again after watching this video!



Pro Email Training


The second is a comprehensive email training series with John Rhodes.

He’s been in marketing for over 15 years, has made millions of dollars with email, and has probably forgotten more about email than most people will ever KNOW.


This multi-part course reveals…

  • Three methods for making money with email
  • How to Instigate a “Buying Frenzy”
  • His hidden email openers and setups
  • How to Earn Hundreds of Dollars an Hour Writing Emails
  • FOUR formulas for email swipe
  • And so much more!


NESB Keywords


And for your third BONUS, you’ll receive a cheat sheet that will rocket your copy chops to A+ status and help you generate sales right away.

Discovering NESB was the epiphany that allowed me to see through The Matrix and change my life. It is one of two significant contributions I have made to the world of copywriting.

However, there are thousands of words that can express the now well-known New, Easy, Safe, and Big.

That’s why I’ve included a NESB cheat sheet so you can easily insert words into your copy.

And then watch as your sentences explode with dollar signs, transforming your writing into undeniable sales.

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