John Martinez – REI Sales Academy

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John Martinez – REI Sales Academy


Introducing John Martinez’s REI Sales Academy, a comprehensive real estate sales boot camp to supercharge your investment strategies.

This immersive two-day course promises not just theory but practical, hands-on training developed from proven industry tactics.

At the REI Sales Academy, you’ll be exposed to intensive role play and interaction, promoting an environment conducive to effective learning and fostering robust relationships with top-tier investors and acquisition agents nationwide.

One unique aspect of this course is the provision of a ‘Playbook’ – a personalized guide that helps translate tactics, strategies, and techniques into your language and contextualizes them to your specific sales scenarios.

This boot camp aligns with the Online Academy in terms of content, featuring the same industry-leading sales and acquisition training methodologies. However, it distinguishes itself through its rapid-fire material delivery, condensing approximately 16 hours of content into an intensely engaging two-day experience.

Unlike the Online Academy, which requires self-paced completion of the ‘Playbook,’ the boot camp integrates playbook completion into the program, ensuring you’ll be immersed in the material as you proceed.

For business owners seeking to systemize their sales processes, the REI Sales Academy offers an optional third day – the REI Sales Mastermind.

This additional session, strictly for business owners and leadership roles, delves into topics like roles and responsibilities in the lead lifecycle, finding and hiring talent, managing a sales team, and driving accountability.

It will also guide salesperson ramp-up and coaching, streamlining and automation with CRM, and maximizing leadership potential.

All these equip you with a turnkey sales system for your business, providing internal branded training for all present and future employees in sales-related roles.

Now, let’s examine what you can anticipate from the REI Sales Academy:

Two Days of Intensive REI Sales Training: Dive deep into industry-leading REI sales and acquisitions training, transforming your sales approach to outperform in today’s competitive real estate market.

Playbook Creation: Utilize the exclusive ‘Playbooks’ to mold your scripts, tactics, strategies, and techniques to suit your unique sales prospects and scenarios.

Mastermind Bonus Day: Optionally, business owners can stay an extra day for a sales-focused mastermind session, expertly facilitated by John Martinez.

In conclusion, whether you’re an established real estate investor looking to hone your skills or a novice seeking comprehensive and practical sales training, John Martinez’s REI Sales Academy is an exceptional opportunity to learn from the best and dramatically elevate your sales prowess.

Secure your spot at the next REI Sales Academy boot camp, and empower your journey in real estate investment today!

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