Rob Lennon – AI Content Reactor

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Rob Lennon – AI Content Reactor



AI Content Reactor Use Groundbreaking Techniques to Write and Create Authentic, Original Content at a Speed and Quality Level Unrivaled.

A mind-blowing AI harnessing system.

Use cutting-edge techniques to write and create authentic, original content at a rate and quality that no one else can match. I became physically nauseous when I first discovered the system because the ideas are so powerful.

What You Get IN AI Content Reactor:

✅ 1 hour of video — This course’s materials can be completed quickly. Not because the information isn’t useful. But because I spent extra time streamlining it for you.

✅ No code — There’s nothing technical about this. There will be no data model training or coding. Simply follow a process and write in plain text, and you’ll be fine. I demonstrate how to do everything.

✅ Multi-prompt cheatsheets — Get simple-to-copy text prompts to help you build your own system. Simply fill in the blanks or make changes to make it unique to you. It’s similar to MadLibs, but instead of a hilarious story, you get content you can post and use at the end.

✅ Special Offer — While much of this system is compatible with any GPT-based AI (both chat and non-chat), there is one tool with a content model that I particularly like. They’ve generously agreed to give a never-before-offered bonus to anyone who signs up for their free plan, allowing you to fully explore that power. To gain access, you must subscribe to an $8/month paid plan.


You’re a creator who…
• Writes on similar topics often and needs new ideas
• Needs tons of posts/scripts
• Wants to cut research time by 95%
• Wants to cut writing time by 85%
• Wants to remain authentic and original and in control of the content

You’re a freelancer or content marketer who…
• Writes articles, blogs, and newsletters
• Wants to write at blazing speeds and yet have your AI assistant be undetectable

You’re an AI enthusiast who…
• Has experimented with prompts and tools and sees potential
• Is wary of the hype machine, and has a high bar for quality
• Wants to use state-of-the-art prompt engineering without spending 100s of hours learning

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