Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 4


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Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 4



Delve into the groundbreaking realm of energy with Glenn Ackerman’s Energy Awareness Training Level 4.

This course has been meticulously crafted for individuals who seek to understand the profound interconnection of energy, love, and relationships, taking a comprehensive, experiential approach to personal development and fulfilment.

Energy Awareness Training Level 4 is a transformative course that bestows you with a powerful new energy technique designed to safeguard you from heartache and ensure consistent alignment with High Vibrational Energy (HVE), irrespective of your circumstances.

You’ll explore the influential power that your sex drive exerts over you, learning essential skills to control it rather than succumbing to its control.

This course extends beyond conventional training, equipping you with the tools to energetically and emotionally prepare for a healthy HVE relationship and sex life.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of female energy across its entire spectrum, allowing for more informed and conscious interactions.

Level 4 also facilitates refining and applying your Level 3 skills within the context of sex, love, and relationships.

You will explore how to elevate your HVE level to attract your ideal partner and identify any personal hurdles impeding the realization of your relationship and sex life aspirations.

You’ll also delve into the essence, power, and trajectory of sex, love, and relationships, fostering a more profound understanding and navigation of these intricate human experiences.

As an exclusive bonus, the course incorporates a unique group coaching session, allowing you to consult Glenn about your specific challenges or issues within a group setting, multiplying the learning effect.

This course comprises six classes focused on Energy Awareness Training in women, sex, and relationships, plus two bonus classes and a personalized group coaching class, available for $1495.
This Level 4 training is available only by invitation and necessitates the completion of Level 3.

It is the sole class and training that assists you in perpetuating your journey towards energetic freedom while exploring women, sex, and relationships.

Your instructor, Glenn Ackerman, the originator and author of Energy Awareness Training, is a certified professional with over 20 years in the personal development field. He has guided and trained students worldwide who are devoted to living their most fulfilling life.

Enrol in the Energy Awareness Training Level 4 course to embrace your path towards higher vibrational living, deepen your understanding of relationships, and unravel the mystique of energy dynamics in love and sex.

Discover how energy awareness can reshape your life and relationships, elevating you to new personal development and fulfilment levels.

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