Jacob McMillen – The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course

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Jacob McMillen – The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course

Jacob McMillen - The Internet's Best Copywriting Course


What You Get in The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course:


Module #1

Learn How To Write Copy

In this module, I’ll teach you the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting while also showing you how to write the three most profitable types of copy: website copy, email copy, and long-form blog content. I’ll walk you through the process of writing the copy and delivering it as a service to your clients.


Module #2

Learn How To Launch Your Freelance Business

In this module, I’ll walk you through the process of selecting your brand, niche, and service, as well as launching your website and developing your freelance workflows and processes. If you’re on a tight budget, I’ll show you the most cost-effective ways to complete this task while maintaining a high level of quality. If you have some extra money to invest, I’ll show you how a little more now will yield excellent results and save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Module #3

Learn How To Get Clients NOW


In this module, I’ll show you how to pitch the RIGHT way. Pitching is now the ONLY way to get clients, but most freelance writers make it far more difficult than it needs to be, shooting themselves in the foot at every step of the way. I’ll teach you where to pitch, how to pitch, how to close sales when an opportunity arises, and how to upsell small projects and “bad clients” into large, recurring contracts.


Module #4

Learn How To Bring Clients To You


In this module, I’ll show you how to build a marketing channel that brings a steady stream of high-paying clients straight to you, month after month, no pitching, cold calling, or prospecting required. This is the ONLY difference between copywriters earning $50,000 and $100,000 per year. I’ll show you three different methods, and you can pick the one that best suits your personality and strengths.


Module #5

Learn How To Become More Than A Writer


In this module, I’ll show you how to transition from freelance writer to niche authority and marketing consultant, allowing you to command higher rates, land bigger gigs, and have the freedom to pursue your passions. Writing is only reliable way to make six figures today because it is an essential part of online marketing and sales. By understanding how your writing fits into that ecosystem, you can effectively promote yourself and occupy whatever role you desire.

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