William Jones – The GMB SEO Masterclass

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William Jones – The GMB SEO Masterclass

Local GMB SEO Secret Masterclass

Local GMB SEO Secret Masterclass

Want to Learn SEO From a 20 Year Veteran?

Join William in a Local GMB SEO Master Class and learn all the tricks that the SEO Magicians don’t want you to know!

William Literally Walks you through his whole process from research to actually ranking a live site from a student of his…

You can waste days, weeks, or months trying to figure out a solution to provide quality web design and SEO Services. That is where William and His Team at Rank Fortress come into play.

With over 20 years in the SEO industry, he not only has the know-how to get your GMB and Website ranked. He also has the experience in creating high-quality yet affordable websites. You see Rank Fortress has Uniquely positioned itself in the Philippines which means Quality Work at Affordable Rates.

What You’ll Learn Inside

1. Start Here.pdf
2. SEO Terms.pdf
3. SEO GMB Masterclass Useful Tools.pdf
4. Next Step-Roadmap ebook 2.0.pdf
5. GMB SEO Timeline.pdf
6. GMB Roadmap.jpg
6. GMB Roadmap link.txt
7. Introduction Playback.mp4
8. GMB-Audit-Process.docx
8. The GMB Audit Sheet.pdf
9. GMB Audit Form.docx
10. GMB-Competitor Category Spy.xlsx
11. GMB Categories.txt
12. Spammy Listings and How To Eliminate Them.xlsx
13. How To Audit Your GMB.mp4
14. Audit your Competition and Reverse Engineer Them.mp4
15. Audit your Competition Keywords and Reverse Engineer Them.mp4
16. Ask me on friday.mp4
17. GMB Audit Sheets and Reverse Engineering.mp4
18. Location Pages and Question & Answer Optimization.mp4
19. Photo Sharing Websites.pdf
20. Live Website Audit.mp4
21. YouTube Basics.pdf
22. YouTube SEO with James Jernigan.mp4
23. Top Sites To Share Videos.pdf
24. Keyword Research – Write for People Not Search Engines.mp4
25. Quantum Newswire Info.pdf
26. Quantum Newswire Tutorial.mp4
27. GMB Posts How To.mp4
27. Social Schedule Sheet.xlsx
28. How To Use Press Releases.mp4
28. press-releases.xlsx
29. Ask Me Anything SEO Mastermind.mp4
30. Local Citations & Why They Matter.pdf
30. USA-Citations-List.xlsx
31. Citations and Why They Matter Part 1.mp4
32. Citations and Why They Matter Part 2.mp4
33. Molly Youngblood Bio and Credentials and Contact Info.pdf
34. Molly Youngblood Google Expert.mp4
35. Creating and Adding Content Using Divi Builder.mp4
36. Local GMB SEO Masterclass – Ask Me Anything.mp4
37. Setting Up Location Pages.mp4
38. Schema Walkthrough.mp4
39. Local Schema Part 2.mp4
40. Website SEO Audits.mp4
41. Inner Linking and Outbound Linking to Your Pages.mp4
42. Ask Me Anything Fridays – Local GMB SEO Mastermind.mp4
43. Content-Example.docx
43. Content-Instructions-Form.xlsx
43. Content SOP for Content Writer – Local GMB SEO Masterclass.mp4
44. Rank & Rent and Landing High Paying Clients.mp4
45. Schema SOP Made Easy.mp4
46. Chris Palmer and GMB Secrets in 2021.mp4
47. Content Marketing & Blog Management Tool.mp4
48. Siloing Your Content – Local GMG SEO Masterclass.mp4
49. Internal Link Structure – Local GMB SEO Masterclass.mp4
50. LinkedIn-SOP.docx
50. LinkedIn Lead Generation – Local GMB SEO Masterclass.mp4
51. CTR Manipulation That Simply Works.mp4
51. paid software.txt
52. AI Writing Conversion.io.mp4
53. CTR Manipulation with Microworkers using Click Through Rate Manipulation.mp4
53. Template.txt
54. IFTTT.xlsx
54. IFTTT Networks.mp4
55. Friday Q&A.mp4
56. Stacking Magic with John and JJ Currie.mp4
57.How To Optimize a YouTube Video for Onpage and Offpage Use.mp4
58. Twitter Moments for Backlinks.mp4
59. Local Viking – Local GMB SEO Master Class.mp4
59. Software.txt
60. GMB Genius Local GMB SEO Masterclass.mp4
61. Ranking with Quantum Newswire – Local GMB SEO Master Class.mp4
62. Brent Bowser – GMB Structure – Local GMB SEO Master Class.mp4

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