Thomas Garetz – No Face YT Course (+High Ticket YT Secrets)

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Thomas Garetz – No Face YT Course (+High Ticket YT Secrets)



Thomas Garetz – No Face YT Course (+High Ticket YT Secrets)


High Ticket YT Secrets Course with 70+ training videos (and more being added all the time) revealing how you can copy the SIMPLE step-by-step process he used to make his videos go viral, grow from 1k to 100k subscribers, make $100,000+ in profit, and quit his job… all in ONE YEAR & on a shoestring budget!

Thomas Garetz is a Youtuber and affiliate marketer who sells two courses: High Ticket YT Secrets and No Face YT.

You’re probably doing some research to see if these programs are legitimate.

If so, you’ve come to the right place; this review will provide an answer.

Everything you need to know about these courses is provided below, including background information, the cost to join, an overview of what you get, and more.

By the end of this article, you’ll know whether High Ticket YT Secrets and No Face YT are worth it.


What Does High Ticket YT Secrets Teach?


High Ticket YT Secrets teaches people how to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing is my preferred method of earning money (although I do it through blogging which is easier in my opinion).

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting another person’s product or service in exchange for a commission each time someone purchases through your affiliate link.

This is a good way to make money because you don’t have to own, ship, or deliver products; the person you’re working with handles all of that.

You’re only directing traffic to an affiliate link.

So Thomas shows you how to make a YouTube channel in the make money online niche and drive traffic to a program called Legendary Marketer.

I actually know a lot of people on YouTube who do the same thing as Thomas and do very well promoting Legendary Marketers.

So it’s a legitimate way to earn money.

What Does No Face YT Course Teach?

No Face YT Course teaches a completely different business model on YouTube… rather than making affiliate sales; you’ll be monetizing through ad revenue.

The main advantage of this business model is that you will not be seen on camera.

This is ideal for those who are shy but want to make money on YouTube.

The type of videos you’ll be making are viral videos. The reason for this is that you need a LOT of views to make ad revenue from videos.

You can earn around $3 for every 1000 views. So, in order to earn $100 from a video, it must receive 30,000 views.

There are two approaches to making these videos.

The first option is to create them yourself, but this requires knowledge of video editing and is also time-consuming.

The second option is to hire people who make viral videos for a living to do the work.

This will most likely cost you $50 to $100 per video.

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