Kian Golzari (Foundr) – The Product Development Blueprint

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Kian Golzari (Foundr) – The Product Development Blueprint

The Product Development Blueprint


Introducing The Product Development Blueprint by Kian Golzari (Founder), a meticulously designed course offering a comprehensive product development guide. 

This course is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses looking to take their product ideas from conception to reality while avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing success.

The first lesson, “Branding vs Selling,” sets the tone for the entire course, emphasizing the significance of brand-driven entrepreneurship.

 You’ll discover how successful branding can cultivate a loyal fanbase and boost product launches. 

By creating core values and understanding your brand’s purpose, you’ll learn to communicate effectively with your customers and differentiate your products.

The second lesson, “Best-Selling Product Groundwork,” lays the foundation for creating products that always hit the mark. 

You’ll delve into understanding your customers, setting the right price for your product, and transforming nice-to-have products into must-haves.

The third lesson, Product Development Process – Research Phase, equips you with techniques to study your competition, create a vision board, and confirm product demand.

 Kian also guides you through the intricacies of using samples to predict the success of your product.

In the fourth lesson, Product Development Process you’ll learn to create standout products that deliver a unique customer experience. You’ll also discover how to find and negotiate with the right suppliers.

The fifth lesson, Which Products & When, helps you identify your hero product and understand the importance of flagship products. You’ll also learn how to develop your product ranges effectively.

The sixth lesson, “The Speed of Product Development,” emphasizes the importance of speed in product development. 

You’ll learn to validate your ideas before launch, avoid overdevelopment, and correctly time your product launch.

The seventh lesson, “Packaging, Product Names, & Logos,” teaches you how to create unforgettable packaging, find the perfect name for your product, choose the right colors for your brand, and pick the suitable logo.

The eighth lessonProtect Your Product Idea, guides you through the legal aspects of product development, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, patents, and defense against copycats.

The final lesson“Choosing The Right Supplier,” provides a detailed guide on engaging with suppliers, from using a spec sheet and asking the right questions to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

The Product Development Blueprint by Kian Golzari (Foundr) is your guide to successful product development.

 Enrol today to learn from one of the industry’s best and transform your ideas into best-selling products.

 Sign up now and start your journey to creating standout products that resonate with customers and maximize your business success.


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