The Lazy Marketer – The AI Gold Rush Mastermind

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The Lazy Marketer – The AI Gold Rush Mastermind

The Lazy Marketer – The AI Gold Rush Mastermind


Introducing The AI Gold Rush Mastermind course, a comprehensive guide designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. This course covers everything from niche expert portals to enthusiast niches, providing a roadmap to success.

AI Strategy #1: Niche Expert Portals:

The course begins by introducing you to the concept of Niche Expert Portals. Learn how to leverage the technology behind ChatGPT to create a custom chatbot or content creation app that is an expert in any field. Discover how to use this technology to drive user-led content creation on a mass scale, giving Google exactly what it wants and creating truly compelling, useful content in huge volumes.

AI Strategy #2: The Channel Mixer:

Discover how AI now makes it possible to convert virtually any kind of content into different formats in seconds.

 Learn how to multiply your content strategy across every platform, effectively multiplying the reach of your content. This strategy is a recipe for hypergrowth and is a service that easily sells itself.

AI Strategy #3: The Marketplace:

With the rapid proliferation of AI apps, tools, and products, a huge opportunity exists to start a focused AI marketplace. 

Learn how to focus on a specific category or industry and feature AI startups. This strategy provides a detailed blueprint for exploiting this opportunity.

AI Strategy #4: Enthusiast Niches:

There are tens of thousands of untapped enthusiast niches with lifelong fans craving content about their favourite games, books, TV series, collectables, etc. Learn how to leverage AI to create and crowdsource engaging new content on a massive scale. The amount of traffic in these niches is astounding, and it’s easy to monetize.

Strategy Session: Live Brainstorm & Consultation:

The course also includes live brainstorming sessions for each of these business models. Attend and collaborate in real-time as we investigate, brainstorm, and map out a plausible strategy for each business model. There will also be a no-holds-barred Q&A period.

The Lazy Marketer course is more than just a course; it’s a comprehensive guide that equips you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in marketing. 

Enrol now and take the first step towards becoming a successful AI marketer.


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