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Socialbee – Socialbee University

Socialbee - Socialbee University

SocialBee University
Social Media Workshops Online

‘Become a Skilled Social Media Specialist’ with our Workshops and Training. This course has enjoyed
huge popularity and appreciation among young professionals and entrepreneurs.
Why? SocialBee University

So that this type of reaction is a thing of the past when it comes to
your marketing efforts on Social Media and beyond.
Let’s change this, shall we?

Whether you want to become a marketer, copywriter, content writer, freelancer or entrepreneur or already are one, you need to stay up-to-date and become a skilled Social Media Specialist.
Become A Skilled Social Media Specialist

Online Course and Community by SocialBee
Our Social Media and Marketing Professionals are here to

help you learn how to master Social Media and discover how to:

Write an engaging copy on Social Media

Understand target audiences and Buyer Personas

Know how to create Buyer Personas

Use the right copywriting formulas

Write according to the latest marketing trends

Understand that there’s more than meets the eye to conquering Social

Use the right tools and approaches that would make things easier

Understand how you can use Paid Ads to your advantage

Get the additional skills needed to be able to start freelancing
How do we manage to do all this?

At SocialBee we believe in training and coaching our bees (as we call our colleagues) to become the best at what they do, including copywriting, understanding Social Media best practices, and more.

And because we’ve experienced amazing growth and development due to our Training and Coaching Programs and Social Media Workshops, we’ve decided to take things a step further and help others become as good as we are when it comes to Social Media.
Why? Because here’s what else we believe:

Nobody is born a copywriter or a specialist of any kind.
In order to become great Social Media specialists, you need constantly better your knowledge.
We can offer valuable information that can help you become a specialist when it comes to your online social presence.

Training Modules
All modules are recordings of previous live sessions.
Module 1
Buyer Persona

(120 min)

Buyer Persona: what it is, how to create it, how to use it
The difference between Target Audience and Buyer Persona
How to discover pain points, wants and needs
Mistakes when creating your Buyer Persona
The importance of Buyer Personas for Social Media
Examples of Buyer Personas

Module 2
Copywriting for Social Media

(113 min)

Social Media Copywriting Tips
How to get to know your customers
How to create effective marketing copy that sells
Product features and benefits
Copywriting Formulas
Humor and Competitive Copywriting
How to master CTAs

Module 3
Intro to Ads

April 14th (120 min)

Introduction to Social Media Advertising
How to maximize your potential with paid advertising
The importance of Data analysis
How to use paid Ads to your advantage

Module 4
Content Types/Ideas

April16th (120 min)

How to come up with different types of content and create a good content strategy
How to create your content strategy, when you don’t have inspiration or ideas
Why a content strategy is a must

Module 5
Branding on Social Media

April 21st (120 min)

What is “On-Brand”?
Social Media Branding Strategies
Establish social media branding guidelines for your business
Building Brand Identity & Trust through Social Media

Module 6
SocialBee Intro

April 23rd (120 min)

How to create a consistent posting schedule
Balanced content categories
Best practices for posting on Social Media
How to repurpose your content, save time, and win readers
How to do all these in the SocialBee Platform

Module 7
Social Media Toolkit

April 28th (120 min)

Create and collaborate on visuals with Xara
Learn to automate everything through RSS feeds
How to use URL shorteners to track and convert
Other essential tools you need in your toolkit
Additional special offers on some of these tools

Module 8
Intro to Freelancing

April 30th (120 min)

How to become a successful freelancer
How to decrease risks & be successful as a freelancer
What nobody told you about freelancing
Blue oceans and what should you do about Free Work
Best strategies to help you jump into the startup world

Who is this training NOT for?

Advanced copywriters and marketers
People who have no knowledge of English
Those who have no interest in creating any social presence whatsoever
Those who are not interested in starting a career in Social Media/Marketing
Those who are not ready to roll-up their sleeves and do the work

Who is this training for?

Beginner and mid-level marketing specialists
Those interested in pursuing a career in marketing
Beginner and mid-level copywriters/content writers
Entrepreneurs who need to get a better understanding of Social Media best practices
Anyone interested in starting a career in Social Media/Marketing

If you find yourself in one of these categories and you want

✔️to learn about Social Media
✔️or simply want to become better at what you do,

then join our Social Media Online Course and BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST from the COMFORT of YOUR HOME!
Join us Now
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Our Sweet Guarantee

A useful and pleasant experience.
Up to date, great quality content.
Practical examples that will help you gain a better understanding of the information.
The opportunity to start a career in Social Media/Marketing or start your own business, due to the foundation we’ll help you set with the SocialBee University program – our Online Courses.
30 days 100% Money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our training program, we’ll offer a full refund.

Free Sneak Preview Webinar

Before you start the SocialBee University Online Courses, we want to give you the chance to get to know us a little bit, find out more about the program and maybe answer some of the questions you may have regarding our courses – all in a free webinar.
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Who is SocialBee?

SocialBee offers Social Media Management Tools, Training, and Teams to help businesses get More Leads with Less Effort.

SocialBee’s All-in-One Social Media Management Tools and Concierge Services help brands with Content Creation, Posting, and Recycling; and More.

SocialBee’s tool offers the opportunity to automatically post on all major networks; organize your content in categories for the best content mix; effortlessly repost your evergreen content for maximum impact, and save lots of time in the meantime.

SocialBee also offers an ever-growing number of Concierge Services where SocialBee’s Teams (yes, these are real humans) of Social Media Specialists give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Our teams can help businesses get started, create content and improve their social presence, get you more leads, and save you even more time.

SocialBee is used by thousands of Small and Medium Businesses, Startups, Solopreneurs (Authors/Coaches/Professional Bloggers), and (Social Media) Marketing Agencies from all around the world. You can read more about SocialBee here.
Will I get a job at SocialBee after I attend this training program?

This training program isn’t a recruiting program. However, when we are hiring you could be on our ‘best candidates list’ due to the fact that you have completed our training program – therefore you have the knowledge that would qualify you to be one of our next Freelance New-Bees 🐝 in our sweet hive. 🍯
What else will you have access to after the Social Media Online Courses?
You will get access to all the presentations/recordings and the 4 written eBooks about:
1. How to create a Buyer Persona
2. Copywriting for Social Media
3. Content Types (Content Ideas)
4. Branding on Social Media
Is this training theory only?

No, it isn’t.

While you’ll learn a lot of valuable information, you’ll also have the chance to see some practical examples and we also include a Q&A section at the end of each recording, so you may gain clarity over everything that’s still confusing when it comes to social media best practices.
What’s included in the fee?

8 Modules of Online Courses [actionable training] + the Recordings at the end of the Course:

Module 1: How to Create Buyer Personas
Module 2: What copywriting is all about – How to create engaging copy that converts
Module 3: Intro to Paid Ads
Module 4: How to come up with content ideas & what are the best types of content for the different social platforms
Module 5: Branding on Social Media
Module 6: How to use tools (like SocialBee) to get better results while improving your content mix, posting consistency, and saving time
Module 7: Social Media Toolkit
Module 8: Intro to Freelancing

And also, further reading materials (4 of our eBooks).

You will also get more resources and access to our Facebook Community.
Will I learn how to use the SocialBee Platform?
Yes, but this training is NOT only about the SocialBee Platform.

Only one of the 8 modules is about the SocialBee Platform.

The rest is about learning how to find your audience and how to address them. It’s about what type of content you should add to the SocialBee Platform, and not the platform per se.
Get to know your Trainers

Tünde is a Professional Coach and Trainer with 7 years of background in Marketing – Copywriting and Content Writing. She also has relevant experience as a professional internal Social Media Coach and Trainer at SocialBee as well as an external Personal Development & Youth Coach.

In the last year, Tünde has helped SocialBee’s teams grow in Social Media and Content Writing best practices, quality, and expertise. As a Coach & Trainer at SocialBee, she ran several Social Media Internships, Social Media Workshops and delivers individual as well as team coaching.

Coaching & Training Teams and Individuals are the two things she is most passionate about. And she believes that there’s nothing more rewarding than to see people gain insight, discover a purpose and pursue it until they reach their goal whether it’s a professional or personal goal.


Anca is our Customer Success Specialist, with a background in marketing. She focuses more on teaching people effective ways of saving time and effort while using tools like SocialBee to make their strategy better.

She’s been working in the marketing field for over 5 years now, continuously learning what works best in the social media scene and how to make everything simpler, when it comes to posting on social.

In SocialBee, she’s been doing this for almost 3 years now, working on various aspects, from being a social media specialist to then showing people how to effectively use SocialBee through 1-on-1 demos and different webinars.


Attila is the accredited Performance Manager at SocialBee with a long history in data analytics and PPC management.

With more than7 years of experience in Digital Marketing has worked with 80+ clients across the globe in industries ranging from e-commerce, travel and SaaS, with budgets up to $1,000,000/mo.

He helps marketers and entrepreneurs understand how paid advertising works and teaches them the skills to move their business forward.

Ovi is the Co-founder and CEO of SocialBee. He loves helping entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses. He will be teaching you how you can use your newfound skills to become a Social Media Freelancer.

After 10+ years of experience working in various firms, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, having also some entrepreneurial ventures in between, Ovi jumped full time into the startup world with nugget (acquired) and is now focused on SocialBee.

He is passionate about helping startups succeed in building great products, finding the appropriate launch sequence, and the best levers to grow.

What do previous participants say about the Social Media Training Program at SocialBee?
I took part in the SocialBee Training because I wanted to improve my Social Media Marketing knowledge and to become a better professional. I’ve learned a lot about Social Media strategies and I discovered that knowing how to create a Buyer Persona makes all the difference in your work as a marketer and as an entrepreneur.

I’ve also learned how to create professional, relevant social media posts that would engage your audience and create a connection with them. I definitely recommend SocialBee’s Training to everyone who is interested in improving their social media marketing/copywriting skills

The team at SocialBee is friendly, knowledgeable, with amazing coaches and trainers, Keep up the good work, SocialBee team, you guys are awesome!

The reason why I attended the SocialBee Training is to have a nice experience and get some useful learning, which I did. I learned a lot during the training and it has been a productive learning experience. The most important thing that I’ve learned is that things are not as simple as they seem in Social Media Marketing.

Professionals make it all seem easy, but you need certain knowledge to be able to properly make things work. I would recommend SocialBee’s training program to anyone who wants to sharpen their skills and to anyone who is interested in starting a business.

The team at SocialBee is extremely professional and they know their stuff. 🙂

I attended the SocialBee Training to learn more about Social Media Marketing and it turned out to be a great opportunity to widen my knowledge and learn a lot of new things. The SocialBee Team was very knowledgeable and all the information they delivered was very helpful, so I would recommend this training program to everyone who wants to gain clarity about Social Media Marketing.

The team at SocialBee seems very passionate, genuine and driven. What they are doing is great and their product is awesome, so keep up the good work!
Before attending the training sessions at SocialBee, I had no social media experience, only a strong interest. What I loved about the training was the fact that everything was very well organized and based on concrete and up-to-date examples.

The trainers are both professional and friendly. They were always open to hearing our questions and, why not, ideas. The whole training was very informative. It was definitely the spark that lit my actual career and I’ll always be very grateful for that opportunity and the great insights.


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