Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel


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Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel

Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel

Dive into fiction writing with the Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel course, a comprehensive guide designed to transform you into a prolific fiction writer.This unique course offers a blend of traditional storytelling techniques and modern AI tools, empowering you to self-publish captivating stories in record time. The course begins with lifetime access to a 2-hour masterclass that unveils the secrets to becoming a prolific fiction writer. You’ll learn the art of Category Creation, a powerful skill that enables you to discover a unique niche by crafting a new and different Sub-Genre. This approach ensures that your work stands out, making you known for your genre.
Plot Archetypes, the backbone of successful stories from “Star Wars” to “Harry Potter,” are thoroughly explored, providing you with the templates to craft stories guaranteed to captivate readers. The course delves into the 3-Act Structure, a popular and reliable framework that guides you in outlining your novel from start to finish, ensuring a coherent and compelling narrative.Advanced World Building techniques are covered in detail, teaching you how to combine your chosen Sub-Genre, Plot Archetype, and 3-act Structure Outline to create a rich, differentiated world for your story. In record time, you’ll learn to build a vibrant universe from setting to characters.The Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel course also includes a comprehensive 5-Step Novel Outline Framework, complemented by a library of ChatGPT prompts designed to automate storytelling.

These prompts and templates, ranging from Sub-Genre Brainstorming to Plot Archetype Generation and 3-Act Story Outlining, streamline the creation of your novel’s framework. The World Building Megaprompt and the innovative use of Midjourney for creating story covers or posters bring your narrative to life visually.

Additionally, the course provides a treasure trove of AI Storytelling Bonus Resources. You’ll gain access to 3-act Outline Examples from iconic novels like “Harry Potter” and “Red Rising,” offering practical insights into applying the 3-act Structure. A secret outline from one of James Patterson’s best-selling books is a blueprint for rapidly crafting your novel.

The course also curates recommended resources, including books and free courses, to further hone your writing and storytelling skills.

With the Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel course, you’re not just learning to write but mastering the craft of fiction writing with a modern twist.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer looking to leverage AI in your creative process, this course equips you with the tools, techniques, and insights to write compelling stories and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

Enroll in the Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel course today and embark on a journey to unlock your potential as a fiction writer, leveraging the power of AI and proven storytelling frameworks to create novels that resonate with readers and stand the test of time.

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