Sebastian Esqueda – Ecom Revolution Training Program

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Sebastian Esqueda – Ecom Revolution Training Program


What You Get Ecom Revolution Training Program:



I discuss the dos and Don’ts of dropshipping, how I got started, and other topics to get you ready for the information that will be shared in the program.


Shopify Infrastructure


in Ecom Revolution Training Program After you’ve perfected your product, you must create a great website that converts. I go over my strategy for creating a high-converting site, the apps to use, how to optimize your conversion rate, and much more.



In this video, I go over the exact mindset you need to have in order to succeed with dropshipping. The business is simple, but if you fail in this sector, it will be difficult to make it work.

TikTok Ads


In the following modules, you’ll learn about TikTok product research strategies, TikTok ad strategies, TikTok offers that work, identifying problems with TikTok ads and how to fix them, and more. This will make sure you know how to use TikTok ads to run a successful business.



Product Research


Following that, I go over how to find products, product criteria, some of my past winners, and other topics to ensure you have what it takes to find million-dollar products.


Ecom Revolution Training Program: 7 Figure Case Studies


After you’ve learned everything there is to know about dropshipping, it’s only natural that I share my results and stores. I go over 7 figure stores I ran, how they worked, how I ran ads, and how I did EVERYTHING because learning by example is the most effective way to learn

Brand Dominance

I will also go over the steps to building a long-lasting brand with you. Growing a TikTok dropship store is simple, but expanding beyond that is where the real money is made. I will show you how to turn your store into an established brand worth far more than a simple dropship store.

Stuff Nobody Talks About

I then go over things like credit cards, company structure, hiring virtual assistants, payment processors, custom checkouts, ordering in bulk, private suppliers, and more to seal the deal and give you the tools you need to make serious money dropshipping.


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