Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024

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Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024


How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024: Master Prompt Engineering with Ruben Hassid


Unlock the full potential of AI with the How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course by Ruben Hassid. With over 100 million people reached through his prompt techniques, Ruben has become an international authority on prompt engineering, sharing his expertise at renowned events such as Google (Tel Aviv), LinkedSummit (Denmark), and the B2B Summit (Paris). Now, he brings all his knowledge together in one comprehensive masterclass, designed to teach you everything you need to know about prompting ChatGPT effectively.

Why Choose the How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Course?

The How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course is a must-have for anyone looking to harness the power of AI for various applications. Whether you’re in marketing, writing, business, or sales, this course provides you with the skills to create effective prompts that yield impressive results. With Ruben Hassid’s proven techniques and personal prompt library, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge strategies that can transform your approach to AI and automation.

What is the How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Course?

How is the Course Structured?

The How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course is meticulously structured into nine video modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of prompt engineering. This self-paced online course allows you to learn at your own convenience, making it accessible and flexible for all learners.

What Are the Core Modules?

The core modules cover a range of topics essential for mastering prompt engineering:

  • The Basics: Understand the fundamental principles of prompting.
  • Zero-Shot vs. Few-Shot: Learn the differences and applications of zero-shot and few-shot prompting.
  • Tree of Thought Prompting: Explore advanced techniques for structured thought processes.
  • Multimodality: Discover how to integrate multiple modes of input for richer interactions.
  • Chain of Thoughts: Master sequential prompting for complex problem-solving.
  • Advanced Prompt Engineering: Dive deep into sophisticated prompt strategies.
  • Meta Prompting: Learn to create prompts that generate other effective prompts.
  • Create A Prompt With Me #1: Practical session to develop a prompt with Ruben.
  • Create A Prompt With Me #2: Another hands-on session to refine your skills.

What You’ll Learn from the How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Course

Why are Basics of Prompting Important?

In the How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course, you will start with the basics, which are crucial for building a strong foundation. This module explains the core principles of prompting, ensuring you understand how to communicate effectively with ChatGPT. By mastering these fundamentals, you can create clear, concise, and tailored prompts to generate the desired responses.

What is Zero-Shot vs. Few-Shot Prompting?

Zero-shot and few-shot prompting are two powerful techniques in AI. Zero-shot prompting involves giving ChatGPT a task without prior examples, while few-shot prompting provides a few examples to guide the AI.

This module delves into the advantages and applications of both techniques, helping you decide which approach to use based on your specific needs. Understanding these concepts will enhance your ability to use ChatGPT in diverse scenarios.

How to Use Tree of Thought Prompting?

Tree of Thought Prompting is an advanced technique that structures your prompts into a logical sequence, much like tree branches. This method is particularly useful for complex problem-solving and strategic planning.

By learning Tree of Thought Prompting, you can guide ChatGPT through multi-step processes, ensuring coherent and comprehensive responses. This module equips you with the skills to handle intricate tasks with ease.

Advanced Techniques and Practical Applications

What is Multimodality in Prompting?

Multimodality refers to the integration of multiple types of input, such as text, images, and other data forms, to enhance interactions with ChatGPT. This module teaches you how to leverage multimodality to create richer, more informative prompts.

Combining different input modes allows you to generate more nuanced and contextually accurate responses, making your AI interactions more effective and versatile.

How to Implement Chain of Thoughts?

Chain of Thoughts is a technique that involves guiding ChatGPT through a sequence of logical steps to solve problems or generate ideas. This module covers structuring your prompts to encourage sequential thinking, helping ChatGPT follow a coherent thought process. By mastering this technique, you can tackle complex tasks and achieve more accurate and insightful results.

What are Advanced Prompt Engineering and Meta Prompting?

Advanced Prompt Engineering involves sophisticated strategies to fine-tune your prompts for optimal performance. This module dives deep into these techniques, providing you with tools to create highly effective prompts. Meta Prompting, however, involves creating prompts that generate other effective prompts. This recursive approach enhances your ability to adapt and refine your strategies, ensuring continuous improvement in your AI interactions.

Practical Sessions and Personal Library

How to Create Effective Prompts with Ruben Hassid?

The How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course includes two practical sessions where you can create prompts alongside Ruben Hassid. These hands-on modules allow you to apply what you’ve learned in real time, receiving direct feedback and guidance from Ruben. These sessions are invaluable for refining your skills and gaining confidence in your prompt engineering abilities.

What is the Copy-Paste Library?

Ruben Hassid’s personal Notion prompt library is a treasure trove of pre-made prompts for various applications. This library includes marketing prompts, writing prompts, business prompts, and sales prompts. Each category contains specific prompts to address common challenges and tasks in these fields. By accessing this library, you can save time and effort while ensuring your prompts are effective and impactful.

Additional Features and Resources

What Bonus Materials are Included?

The course also provides bonus materials such as cheat sheets and resources that further enhance your learning experience. These tools offer quick references and practical tips to help you master prompt engineering.

With these resources at your disposal, you can continually improve your skills and stay ahead of the curve in AI interactions.

How to Access Interactive Components?

The How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course includes interactive components like live Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and get personalized advice from Ruben Hassid. Membership to a private community of fellow learners provides networking and support, creating a collaborative learning environment. These features ensure that you are well-supported throughout your learning journey.

Who is Ruben Hassid?

What is Ruben Hassid’s Background?

Ruben Hassid is a renowned expert in prompt engineering whose online content has reached over 100 million people. His expertise has made him a sought-after speaker at international events like Google (Tel Aviv), LinkedSummit (Denmark), and the B2B Summit (Paris). Ruben’s practical approach and deep understanding of AI make him a trusted authority in the field.

Why Learn from Ruben Hassid?

Ruben’s proven techniques and extensive experience make him an ideal mentor for anyone looking to master prompt engineering. His ability to simplify complex concepts and provide actionable insights ensures you can quickly and effectively apply your learning. By enrolling in his course, you gain access to the expertise of one of the leading figures in AI and prompt engineering.


The How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course by Ruben Hassid is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to master the art of prompt engineering. With comprehensive modules covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques, practical sessions, and access to a rich library of prompts, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in AI interactions.

Enroll in the How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 course today and unlock ChatGPT’s full potential for your personal and professional projects.

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