OMG Machines – Traffic Tsunami Fusion Protocol

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OMG Machines – Traffic Tsunami Fusion Protocol


Here’s a summary of what the Fusion Laboratory has produced for you:

Seven million-dollar “adventurers” collaborated to create the ultimate digital service at the ultimate price for their apprentices to offer to clients.

Fusion Protocol’s incredible power lies in four areas: EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE that gives you an unattainable advantage, WHAT we train you to perform, WHO is training you, and PRICING. Fusion Protocol will be incredibly economical for YOU, just as it will appeal to your new business clients.

You will have access to not one but two pieces of EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE: The first is an overall Command Center for selling and fulfilling Fusion to clients, while the second provides exclusive and targeted access to an ocean of perfectly constructed inbound website links that are part of the digital services you’ll provide to clients.

(The special program must be purchased separately, but it is inexpensive: Fusion Command Center is free for the first 60 days and $19 per month after that, saving you over $300 in services that your “competition” would have to pay for. The other will only need to be paid for as you request the links, using money from your clients.)

WHAT METHOD OF EARNING MONEY: Our experience has shown us that there is a certain set of services that most local (and national) businesses know they want to pay for, but they have a difficult time getting that service done consistently and competently. There is also a unique technique to approaching and selling the owners of these businesses that we have extensively tested!

The Fusion Protocol is a highly focused collection of digital marketing services in two ways:


1) In about a month, you can learn to conduct these services (which are related to Google Search Engine Optimization, including listings in Maps).

2) Businesses know that they require these services at a specific pricing point (see below) but are having difficulty locating qualified individuals to perform them!


WHO carries out the training: Greg Morrison, Dan Anton, and Joe Marfoglio will teach you how to fulfill these digital marketing services for clients, both step by step and by demonstrating with real clients. Each has years of experience and millions of dollars in their own 1- and 2-person digital marketing firms doing precisely what they teach you in Fusion.

Eric Brief and Michael Tesalona will educate you on how to approach potential clients and pitch Fusion to them. You will have the script pieces you require and the training and how, what, and why. You’ll be employing the same methods our apprentices used to gain their clients, as well as Eric, Michael, Dan, Joe, and Greg.

This is how your member’s area looks:

DOWNLOAD OMG Machines – Traffic Tsunami Fusion Protocol

The Fee You Will Charge Your Customers: Over a year, only one client can earn you $7140 – $11940! We teach you how to offer new business clients a two-tiered menu, with one option costing $595 per month and the other costing $995 per month! Clients will select whatever option best suits their present demands and budget. You may and will scale up in accordance with what they pay you! These are starting fees, and you will make them so pleased with what we teach you that you will be able to do much more for them as a win/win situation and get paid even more, as well as gain referrals!

Traffic Tsunami Fusion Protocol requires a single payment of $999. You can also choose to make four $275 payments. Alternatively, we are so confident that we offer you a particular extended payment plan, 12 installments of $99.

We have a no-refund policy because we offer an extended payment plan instead. We’ve discovered that policy generates the most seriousness and trust from our members.

Is it possible to discontinue the payment plan? In exchange for us treating you honestly, we ask that you treat us honestly. Our payment plan does not operate on a month-to-month basis. You receive all your training instantly upon joining to benefit you the most and not hold you back by leaking out knowledge. We recognize that you may have a financial situation, and we honor your request to cancel or postpone payment.


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