Nate Hurst – High Ticket Kingdom

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Nate Hurst – High Ticket Kingdom

Nate Hurst – High Ticket Kingdom


Welcome to Nate Hurst – High Ticket Kingdom, an immersive, practical course meticulously designed to help ambitious individuals accelerate their journey in high-ticket dropshipping

This comprehensive guide empowers you with time-tested strategies and industry insights, paving the way for sustainable business success.

“High Ticket Kingdom” is a comprehensive course offering an in-depth exploration of the high-ticket dropshipping world. 

By comprehending its intricacies, students get empowered to set up their own successful online business.

Module 1 – Getting Started: This introductory module familiarizes students with the course structure and offers an insightful guide to the tools and resources to enhance the learning experience.

Module 2 – Mindset: This module focuses on developing the right mindset, crucial for success in the high-ticket dropshipping industry. It features sessions on goal setting and focus enhancement, laying the foundation for future accomplishments.

Module 3 – Introduction to High Ticket: Uncover what high-ticket dropshipping entails, why it’s profitable, and how to identify potential high-ticket products in this module.

Module 4 – Setting Up Your Business: Learn the administrative tasks required to set up your online business, including acquiring your seller’s permit, EIN-Tax ID, and more.

Module 5 – Supplier Research: Navigate the process of finding ideal suppliers and how to approach them, a key determinant of your business’s longevity and success.

Module 6 – Setting Up Your Shopify Store: Acquire practical skills for building a high-converting Shopify store, including backend setup, theme selection, payment gateway setup, and more.

Module 7 – Supplier Outreach: This module provides guidelines on professional communication, email customization, and strategies to tackle tricky questions from suppliers.

Module 8 – Utilizing Credit: Develop an understanding of credit basics and identify the best credit cards for advertising spend.

Module 9 – Product Importing: Learn how to import products from suppliers efficiently, set up specific shipping rates, and the importance of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

Module 10 – Advertising: Dive deep into Google advertising, understand key performance indicators, set up Google shopping feeds, launch your Google Ads campaign, and much more.

Module 11 – Fulfilling Orders: This module explains the order fulfillment process with your supplier, including using Parcel Monkey.

Module 12 – B2B High Ticket Dropshipping (Sections 1-4): Explore the promising landscape of B2B high-ticket dropshipping. 

From understanding how businesses make online purchases to setting up bulk order forms, increasing B2B sales, and finding local customers, these modules provide comprehensive insights into the B2B market.

With the High Ticket Kingdom, students can expect a profound understanding of high-ticket dropshipping, from basics to advanced techniques. This knowledge facilitates their venture into the online business, resulting in increased sales, profits, and a successful business.

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