Mike Shreeve – The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course


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Mike Shreeve – The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course

Mike Shreeve – The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course


Unlock the secrets to building a successful and sustainable author business with Mike Shreeve The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course

This comprehensive program is designed to guide both aspiring and established authors through the intricacies of creating a profitable, long-lasting book business. Whether you’re new to writing or looking to scale your existing author portfolio, this course provides the tools and insights needed to thrive in the competitive publishing world.

Strategically Build a Book Business:

Unlike traditional approaches to book publishing, Mike Shreeve course emphasizes building a structured book business. It covers increasing the read-through rate, extending the lifetime value of your readers, and using Authority Publishing to boost sales. The course teaches how to position your books for long-term sales on publishing platforms, transforming you from a random author to a strategic publishing business operator.

Pre-Validating Your Book Concept:

One of the course’s most valuable lessons is the ability to test your book concept in advance. This ensures that the time and effort you invest in writing are directed toward a project with proven potential. You’ll learn unique methods to validate your book idea before you even start writing, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Low-Marketing, High-Profit Approach:

Mike Shreeve’s author business model requires minimal marketing, focusing instead on maximizing profit margins. The course delves into techniques like Purposeful Word-of-mouth and other non-intensive marketing strategies to maintain consistent sales while keeping profits high.

Creating Books That Last a Decade or More:

Learn how to write books that aren’t just a fleeting success but continue to sell for years. Mike Shreeve shares his proven strategies for writing books with longevity – a stark contrast to the common narrative of churning out quick, low-quality works. This approach not only ensures steady income over a longer period but also establishes your reputation as an author of quality content.

Selling Your Author Business:

An extraordinary aspect of this course is learning how to build and then sell your author business for significant profit. Mike Shreeve guides you through the process of making your business profitable and attractive to potential buyers, offering the opportunity for a lucrative exit strategy.

Comprehensive Learning Experience:

This course covers every aspect of building a successful author business, including:

  • Choosing the right niche and book length for your projects.
  • Designing books that appeal to readers for decades.
  • Implementing a simple yet effective book launch strategy.
  • Optimizing for long-tail sales and strategic thinking.
  • Adding mini-income streams to your book business.
  • Deciding on an appropriate pen name.
  • Gathering numerous reviews for your books.

Why Choose This Course?

Mike Shreeve’s The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course is more than just a writing or publishing guide; it’s a blueprint for creating a sustainable, profitable business in the literary world. It’s suitable for:

  • Writers aspiring to turn their passion into a lucrative business.
  • Current authors want to scale their earnings and reach.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to explore the publishing industry.
  • Is anyone interested in building a passive income stream through writing.

In summary, Mike Shreeve The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course is an essential tool for anyone serious about building a profitable and enduring author business.

 With its unique approach to book writing, minimal marketing requirements, and a focus on long-term profitability, this course is your guide to achieving success and financial freedom in the world of authorship. 

Enroll now and embark on the journey to becoming a successful passive author with a business that generates income and has the potential for a substantial future sale.


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