Michael Stevenson – NLP Copywriting Mastery

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Michael Stevenson – NLP Copywriting Mastery

“There Are Certain Irresistible Subliminal Influence Tactics and Irresistible Secret Words That Tap Directly Into the Subconscious Mind to Make People Say ‘YES!’ to Your Product or Service!”

If you’re sick and tired of knowing you could be generating more leads, closing more clients, and profiting more, don’t know how copywriting is the missing piece to your success.

Whether online or offline, marketing is no longer only about data and demographics…

To thrive in today’s fast-paced world, you must first understand the psychology of the mind and how individuals make judgments.

Did you know, for example…

Marketing, whether online or offline, is no longer only about data and demographics NLP Copywriting Mastery

To thrive in today’s fast-paced world, you must first understand the psychology of the mind and how individuals make judgments.

Did you know, for example…

  • Are there specific colors, numbers, and pictures that people are more pulled to and attracted to than others? (some of which may be used on this website)
  • Different personality types will respond to different types of motivational words while dismissing others.
  • Learning this can virtually double the attention of your prospects (by allowing you to appeal to 44.7% to 54.9% more people than before).
  • That certain words are so potent that they enter the subconscious mind immediately (discovered by a famed psychiatrist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, M.D., and so powerful that he refused to teach them to ordinary people like you and me)
  • That one and only characteristic of your product or service that will define how long or short your copy should be? And that if you do it wrong, statistics suggest that your target audience will simply not buy (maybe this is why they aren’t buying right now).
  • Are there hidden techniques for subliminally influencing your audience’s behavior that may be applied in print and online? (Yes, I use them on this page, and I’ll tell you where when you watch the course.)
  • Your marketing communications will be interpreted through mental “filters” by people (three sensory inputs, four learning styles, and sixteen personality types); if you miss even one, you will lose a portion of your audience. But odds are, you’re missing at least 66% to 75% of them. Speak to everyone, and you might perhaps double or more your sales with this skill.

That is EXACTLY why I developed the NLP Copywriting Mastery Home Study.

I wanted to share the gift of effective copywriting with heart-centered business owners, marketers, and copywriters like you
to enable you to get your message out to the world and help more people, do more good, and be rewarded for what you do.

This is your chance to master the art of accessing the mind with each and every one of your own enticing words so you can get more people to say yes! Consider how much your business will increase if you can captivate and close 66% to 75% more prospects!

Fantastic Extras Included in the NLP Copywriting Mastery Home Study

Website Templates for Sales Letters


Sales page design is just as crucial as the sales copy. You’ll receive professionally made sales pages that you can easily import and adapt for your products and services with a single click.

Email Templates That Work Great

You’ll be able to convert strangers into prospects and paying clients by employing psychological triggers to get prospects to know, like, and trust you with these bonus email templates. This contains our four-email follow-up strategy (The TTLATM Sequence) for getting all personality types to buy.

NLP for Sales Mastery

With this supplement, you’ll master sales techniques that will help you both in person and in copywriting. This program will teach you how to initiate a sales conversation, offer your product, overcome obstacles, and seal a sale without sounding strange or salesy.

Scientific Promotion

Claude C. Hopkins wrote one of the earliest works on modern advertising and marketing, Scientific Advertising (inventor of marketing concepts such as coupon and split-testing).

This book is out of print and extremely difficult to locate. This freebie will be delivered to your account as an ebook.

Training for Facebook Ads Academy

A fantastic sales page without traffic is analogous to a Ferrari without wheels.

So, with this freebie, you’ll learn how to find prospective clients on the world’s greatest database and meeting place, so you can drive traffic to your site for pennies per click.

You’ll also discover how to retarget existing email lists, those who visited your website but did not purchase, people who interacted with your ads, your best purchasers, and more.

The bonuses alone are worth more than 15 times the ticket price!

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