Michael Oliver – The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity!

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Michael Oliver – The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity!


Michael Oliver – The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity!


Unlock the Potential of Ethical Selling with Michael Oliver’s Renowned Course, The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity!

Embark on an enlightening journey with the Michael Oliver course, meticulously designed to revolutionize your sales approach. The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity course stands out as a beacon for professionals seeking to elevate their sales strategies while adhering to principles of integrity and empathy.

Introduction to Principled Selling: A Personal Touch

The course begins with a personal introduction from Michael Oliver, setting the stage for an immersive learning experience. It delves into the power of principled selling, ensuring you start with a robust foundation. Included is a must-read book, “How To Sell The Way People Buy,” laying the groundwork for the Natural Selling Dialogue Framework, a cornerstone of this transformative program.

Phase 1: Empathic Selling with Integrity

This phase focuses on the Natural Selling Intention of Empathic Selling. It begins with “Meet Them Where They Are,” an innovative approach that lets you guide the customer journey subtly yet effectively. The “Pressing The Reset Button” segment offers 8 strategies to reframe and reprogram your sales mindset, fostering a deeper connection with clients.

Preparing The Way introduces six essential Natural Selling Skills:

  1. Listening Skills: Learn to listen in a way that encourages buyers to open up and share their needs.
  2. The Art of Questioning: Discover the magic of asking the right questions to unearth client needs and motivations.
  3. Identifying Problems and Needs: A deep dive into understanding both explicit and implied needs.
  4. Qualifying Objectives: Develop strategies to qualify prospects effectively.
  5. Features to Benefits: Master turning product features into compelling benefits for the client.
  6. Goal-Oriented Selling: Learn to start with the end in mind, setting clear objectives for each interaction.

Phase 2: Crafting Your Ultimate Scripting Blueprint

In this phase, you’ll develop a personalized script, tailored to various stages of the selling process:

  1. The Connecting Stage: Refine your elevator pitch and adapt it for different scenarios, including cold calls.
  2. The Discovering Stage: Engage in a state of flow with clients using a mix of fact-finding and feeling-finding questions.
  3. Transitioning, Presenting, and Committing Stages: Learn to smoothly transition through these critical stages, culminating in a commitment from the client.

You’ll also delve into the nuances of different types of questions, such as background, needs awareness, needs development, personal responsibility, solution, Consequences, and qualifying questions.

Each is designed to comprehensively understand the client’s needs and how best to meet them.

Phase 3: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Here, you’ll learn to navigate questions, comments of concern, or last-minute resistance. This phase equips you with strategies to turn potential obstacles into opportunities, sealing the deal with confidence and integrity.

The Journey Continues: Mentoring and Support

The course doesn’t just end with the last lesson. It marks the beginning of a continuous journey of growth and learning. Benefit from one-on-one coaching and mentoring with Michael Oliver, and stay connected with a community of professionals committed to selling with integrity.

Why Choose The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity!

  • Industry-Relevant Content: Designed for professionals, this course emphasizes advanced concepts in ethical selling, resonating with industry experts.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in real-life examples, exercises, and case studies that reinforce learning and application in your professional life.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, fostering an environment of shared learning and growth.
  • Continuous Support: Access ongoing mentoring and support, ensuring that your learning journey doesn’t end with the course.

Enroll Today in Michael Oliver – The Art & Science Of Selling With Integrity!

Elevate your sales career to new heights with this comprehensive course. Embrace the principles of empathic and principled selling, and make a tangible impact in your professional life. 

Register now and join a community of professionals dedicated to excellence in the art and science of selling with integrity!


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