Marina Mogilko – YouTube Channel-From Idea to First Revenue

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Marina Mogilko – YouTube Channel-From Idea to First Revenue


After finishing marina mogilko youtube course, you will be able to:

  • Begin a channel: select a topic for your channel based on your interests and work on your channel art.
  • Publish the first few videos and optimize them for YouTube.
  • Make a content strategy for 10 or more videos (this is about three months’ worth of content if you publish once a week)
  • Choose the necessary equipment based on your budget and goals.
  • Learn how to script your videos to increase watch time and audience retention.
  • To help you delegate tasks, download my PDF instructions and checklists for a video editor and a channel manager.
  • Learn how the algorithm works and what types of videos it promotes.
  • Learn how to make evergreen videos that will continue to generate views and income even if you stop posting.
  • To accelerate growth, learn to clickbait a little.
  • Learn how to monetize small channels.
  • Learn about the legal ramifications of working on YouTube.



How I Started on YouTube by watching marina mogilko youtube course



I published my first YouTube video in December 2014. At that time, I was applying for a master’s degree at a university in the United States and felt like I was the only Russian person in the world who was doing it. I really wanted to start sharing what I was going through to get to know people who were also doing the same.

How I started on YouTuber and made my first video right after passing the GMAT. Then I made the second video, then the third one. In April 2015, we moved to Silicon Valley, and I began to film everything: how we rented an apartment, how we bought a retired police interceptor as our first American car! I started documenting my life.

It took a while for the channel views to really take off, but I was able to start monetizing by consulting and tutoring my subscribers (I charged around $20 for 30 minutes)

Now I run three YouTube channels in two languages (Marina Mogilko, Linguamarina, and Silicon Valley Girl) with more than 5 million subscribers combined.

By combining various sources of income, I am able to gross around $80,000 – $100,000 per month (Google AdSense, paid partnerships, product sales, affiliate programs). That doesn’t include taxes and expenses (I have a team now to help me with everything), but this means I only spend 5-7 hours a week running all of my channels!

YouTube is never an overnight success

YouTube is similar to your reputation in that you must first earn it before the reputation or algorithm, in the case of marina mogilko youtube course, will work for you. To find your niche and gain your first subscribers, I believe you should post at least once a week for a year. It’s not just about uploading new videos. It’s all about experimenting with analytics and interacting with your first viewers. It’s a journey to discover your inner voice.

It may appear to be difficult work, but YouTube is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

  • I surrounded myself with like-minded people, and now I always have someone to talk to.
  • My videos help to change people’s lives — my subscribers approach me on the street all the time and thank me for the motivation and information I provide (people get accepted to universities all over the world, improve their English, and start blogs after watching my videos!)
  • I do what I enjoy: I talk to a camera, I learn, and I share my knowledge.
  • It’s a nearly passive source of income (YouTube pays me for doing something for free), and if I take a proactive approach (working with advertisers, launching products), I can make 5x what YouTube pays me through Google AdSense.



Who Is marina mogilko youtube Course Intended For?


Beginning YouTubers Who Are Serious About Getting Started

You understand that almost everything that happens in the world right now, to some extent, happens on social media. You were afraid to start because you were worried about what other people would think, or you were waiting for the perfect moment, but in the end, you realized you should have started sooner. And now you’re finally ready to start working toward your objectives.

You’ll have started a channel, a clear understanding of how to grow it, and scripts for the next few months of content by the end of marina mogilko youtube course.

Influencers on Instagram

You’re tired of spending money on advertising only to see your following shrink with each post. You wish your content could last longer than 24 hours. You want organic growth that is consistent and “evergreen” content, which is content that you create once but people watch for years.


You’ll have started a channel on the topic of your expertise, a clear understanding of how to grow it, and scripts for the next few months of content by the end of the course. You’ll learn how to repurpose YouTube content on other social media platforms and how to diversify your presence to increase reach and avoid reliance on a single platform.

Tutors and Experts

You recognize that you have amassed expertise in your field and wish to share it with thousands of people. Simultaneously, you want your channel to be a source of customers for you. You understand that a YouTube channel can help your business generate leads and ideas for product development.


You will have started a channel on the topic of your expertise, a clear understanding of how to grow it, and scripts for the next few months of content as a result of the course. You’ll learn how to build your team around your channel and make it at the top of the funnel for your products. We’ll know what kinds of videos to make based on the nature of your product and its price point.

YouTubers Who Have Become Stuck

You have a YouTube channel with several videos, but you abandoned it because the growth was slow, and you didn’t know what to do. And now you’re stuck deciding whether to start a new channel or continue working on the old one. You should also start delegating tasks like editing. However, you believe that a video editor will be unable to edit in the manner that you do.


You’ll have started a channel on the topic of your expertise, a clear understanding of how to grow it, and scripts for the next few months of content by the end of the course. You will have checklists and instructions to help you delegate tasks that you do not enjoy doing.

What’s In The Course:



YouTube Channel From Idea to First Revenue Download Free


  • 57 Pre-recorded classes
  • Access right after purchase
  • Homework after classes checked by tutors
  • Support from tutors
  • Peer chat groups
  • Opportunity to get an intern to help you with your channel (I have a course for YouTube channel managers and we are happy to match you with one of our graduates)


1. Starting a Channel

We start with the basics: choosing a topic, channel art, an overview of filming equipment for different budgets and goals, and basic analytics. We’ll talk about how YouTube started, where it is going, and how you can take advantage of the new trends. We’ll explore content plans and the use of drama in scriptwriting. I will share my scripts, and we’ll make a script for your first video.

2. Making the First Video

I will help you start as fast as possible, right at home. We’ll learn about basic camera settings, light, speech, and your unique way of presenting the information.

3. Editing and Publishing the First Video

Learn the basics of editing on your smartphone and computer, creating a thumbnail using free apps, optimizing and posting the video

4. The Basics of Growth on YouTube

Learn how to increase retention, work with video dynamics, learn how to create viral videos, learn how to turn subscribers into fans – those who will watch all your videos and eventually buy your products

5. SEO on YouTube

Video search optimization: title, thumbnail, description, tags

6. Organic Growth and How to Take Advantage of it

Frequency of posting, posting time, increasing conversion rates from subscribers to views, retention. We’ll learn how to create evergreen content that will ensure the long-term growth of the channel. We’ll talk about paying for subscribers and views (and whether it’s necessary). We’ll explore collaborations with other creators.

7. The Legal Aspects of Creating Content

IP, trademarks, and personal information. How to protect yourself

8. Built-in YouTube Features

How to use live streams, premieres, stories, and community tabs for growth

9. Monetization

How to maximize YouTube payouts, what are the top affiliate programs, what products can you launch and how, how do work with brands and put a price tag on product placement in your video?

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