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Kayla Sloan – $10K VA

Kayla Sloan – $10K VA


Kayla Sloan’s $10K VA course is a comprehensive training program designed to teach aspiring Virtual Assistants (VAs) the essential skills, techniques, and strategies required to establish a thriving VA business. With seven information-rich modules, students will gain valuable insights and practical guidance to help them succeed in the competitive world of virtual assistance.

Module 1: What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • Understand the definition and origins of the VA term.
  • Learn the various services a VA can offer and design your business accordingly.
  • Discover the 7 simple skills for VA success and the benefits of being a VA.

Module 2: How to Find and Pitch VA Jobs

  • Explore various sources for VA job opportunities.
  • Learn how to land your first client and perfect your pitch.
  • Gain insights into leveraging referrals to expand your client base.

Module 3: Pricing Services and Getting Paid

  • Determine the right pricing strategy for beginner VAs.
  • Master the foolproof formula to calculate an accurate hourly rate.
  • Learn how to raise prices over time and explore alternative pricing methods.
  • Understand invoicing and essential PayPal information.

Module 4: Building Client Relationships the Right Way

  • Discover the six must-haves for your VA contract.
  • Master client onboarding and setting boundaries.
  • Overcome client objections and learn to gracefully part ways when firing a client.

Module 5: Running the Day-to-Day as a $10K VA®

  • Create a workable schedule and optimize productivity.
  • Learn how to juggle multiple client responsibilities effectively.

Module 6: Making Your Business Legit

  • Build a compelling portfolio and learn how to market your business.
  • Understand the importance of a business plan, tax considerations, and deciding how to pay yourself.
  • Defend your workday and establish a professional presence.

Module 7: Up-Level your VA Business

  • Discover strategies for increasing your earnings as a one-person operation.
  • Implement systems for faster work and explore outsourcing or creating a VA agency.
  • Embrace the $10K VA® mindset to propel your business to new heights.

With Kayla Sloan’s $10K VA course, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the VA industry and develop the skills necessary to launch and grow a successful VA business. From finding clients and pricing services to building strong client relationships and up-leveling your business, this course covers every aspect of becoming a high-earning VA.


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