Katie Harrington – Showit-All Course

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Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course


Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course

Introducing Katie Harrington’s Showit-All Course: your ultimate roadmap to mastering Showit and establishing a successful Showit design business. 

This all-encompassing course is meticulously designed to empower you with comprehensive knowledge and effective strategies that can transform you into a Showit expert, irrespective of your current skill level.

The course is divided into three dynamic parts, each targeting specific aspects of Showit and online business strategies. 

Let’s delve into the highlights of these modules:

  1. Showit 101: This module is the perfect initiation into the world of Showit. You’ll find a warm welcome and a clear roadmap to guide your journey here. We cover platform basics, including understanding the differences between subscription tiers, selecting a template, and deciphering a Share Key.
  2. The Showit Expert: Having acquired the basics, it’s time to elevate your Showit mastery. This module offers situational tutorials designed to prepare you for various real-life scenarios. Say goodbye to unexpected hitches, and hello to smooth sailing!
  3. Your Showit Design Business: This segment is devoted to setting up your Showit design business for unparalleled success. We provide resources and insights into crucial aspects such as purchasing domain names, organizing with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), employing efficient CRM for a polished client experience, understanding Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions, and Contract resources.

Bonus: CSS Code Snippet Library: Access our exclusive CSS Code Snippet Library and unlock typewriter effects, countdown timers, spinning graphics, scroll on hover, and marquee scrolling functionalities to make your designs more interactive and engaging.

Also included in the course are live bonus training from experts in the online space, designed to augment your understanding and equip you with additional skills that are invaluable in today’s digital landscape:

  • Creating Client Training Videos Worth The Watch: Learn how to effectively create tutorial videos for your clients, empowering them to manage site updates independently.
  • Streamlining Your Systems: Understand how to craft standard operating procedures that empower your team members, enabling an efficient and smooth-running business operation.

Katie Harrington’s Showit-All Course isn’t just about gaining expertise in Showit; it’s about learning how to leverage that expertise to build a successful and profitable design business. 

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or an absolute beginner, this course has something to offer you.

Join us today and become a part of the Showit-All community. Take the first step towards empowering yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the Showit design business.

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