Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar

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Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar

Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar



Julia Taylor’s WP Rockstar Course: Your Blueprint to WordPress Mastery

Elevate your digital game with Julia Taylor’s meticulously curated WP Rockstar course. Whether you’re starting your entrepreneurial journey or looking to expand your digital repertoire, this comprehensive guide is tailored for you. 

Discover the intricate layers of WordPress, master pre and post-build processes, and become a confident figure in the digital realm.

Course Modules Breakdown:

Phase One: Laying the Foundations (30 Days)

  • Master Your Tech Skills: Dive into the essence of HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Whether it’s crafting HTML pages, integrating styles with CSS, or navigating WordPress’s block editor, this module equips you with the essentials.
    • Extras: HTML & CSS resources; Kadence Blocks tutorials.
  • Introvert’s Pre-launch marketing blueprint: Strategize your business route by setting clear goals, understanding your ideal clientele, and overcoming personal barriers like imposter syndrome. Develop a sharp entrepreneurial mindset!
    • Extras: Comprehensive workbooks and resources for goal setting, client profiling, and more.
  • Business Foundation Essentials: Navigate the essential steps of business setup. From domain purchases, paperwork, and social media profiles to selecting the right payment processors, master the nitty-gritty of starting a business.
    • Extras: Business setup checklists.
  • Constructing Your WordPress Site: Engage in an immersive experience of building a WordPress site. Familiarize yourself with themes, homepage structures, and eCommerce functionalities.
    • Extras: Exclusive access to 6 premium WordPress themes and guidance resources.

Phase Two: Business Mastery (30-60 Days)

  • Pricing, Packaging, & Offers: Differentiate yourself from the digital crowd. Price aptly, create compelling offers, and draft watertight contracts.
    • Extras: Pricing resources, templates, and blueprints.
  • Strategic Business Marketing: Don’t just be another business; stand out! Learn organic and paid strategies to create a strong digital footprint and cultivate impactful networks.
    • Extras: Comprehensive marketing tools and blueprints.
  • Rockstar Workflow Management: Transform your business operations with effective project management using ClickUp. From managing leads, client contracts to payment processes, streamline it all.
    • Extras: Workflow templates and resources.

Phase Three: Advanced WordPress (30-90 Days)

  • WordPress Ecosystem Deep Dive: Enhance your basic WordPress understanding. Dive into themes and plugins and discover why full-site editing is the future.
    • Extras: WordPress ecosystem resources.
  • Pre-Build Excellence: Strategically plan before you execute. Design, wireframe, and gather all you need before the actual site build.
    • Extras: Design tools and checklists.
  • Website Construction: It’s building time! Delve deep into advanced features like full site editing and ensure your site’s mobile responsiveness.
    • Extras: Updated full site editing tutorials.
  • Post-Build Assurance: Quality is paramount. Conduct rigorous checks to ensure your site is world-ready regarding speed, accessibility, and other features.
    • Extras: hosting offers and QA resources.
  • Leveraging Google: Capitalize on Google’s tools for optimal website performance. Understand analytics, search console, and local Google Maps visibility.
    • Extras: Comprehensive Google toolkits.

Embark on this transformative journey with Julia Taylor and shape your digital future with WP Rockstar.

 Be it mastering WordPress or crafting a sustainable business model, this course is your golden ticket to digital success.


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