Jose Rosado – Crash Course Copywriting

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Crash Course Copywriting Guide

  • What exactly is copywriting?
  • What isn’t copywriting?
  • A primarily overlooked method of researching your customers
  • Ingenious ways to communicate with your audience in their language
  • You must avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Copywriting (unless you want to end up in Copyhell).
  • An accessible market research technique for getting inside people’s heads.
  • Unusual methods for increasing sales by overcoming your clients’ objections
  • The one crucial factor that will ethically compel consumers to buy your product
  • How to write copy and present a tale that will entice your audience to buy

Anatomy Of Irresistible Sales Page

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:​

  • The Structure of a Sales Page
  • The 12 components of a compelling sales page that will convert readers into buyers.
  • What is the ONE thing you must include in your sales pages?
  • You can steal my examples of perfect sales pages.
  • 8 captivating headlines to pique your reader’s interest (tested and proven to work)


  • Sales page template
  • 45 hook templates

The Only Market Research Strategy You’ll Ever Need​

You’ll discover:

  • An answer to the question, “What the hell is Market Research?”
  • Access the Market Research Matrix Spreadsheet
  • Discover the quickest and easiest way to conduct market research.
  • Understanding the Pains and Aspirations of Your Market
  • Shortcuts for discovering high-quality information on your specialty and market
  • A foolproof way to learn everything there is to know about your customers’ dreams and nightmares.


Track your progress with this easy-to-follow worksheet to learn copywriting faster.

Bonus #1: Use the Viral Framework (Video)

  • Learn what I did to go viral on Instagram not once but four times in 30 days – and attract 55,290 new followers.
  • Discover the best-copywriting structure for creating viral posts and captions. See how I show my inner-circle students how to use this framework with their ideas.

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