John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles

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John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles


John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles


Transform Your Copywriting Game Forever

Ever wondered what separates everyday copywriters from the A-list pros who command top dollar for their work? Unlock the secrets of the craft with John Bejakovic’s Copy Riddles course. This game-changing program doesn’t just “tell” you what to do; it imprints proven A-list copywriting techniques directly into your brain using an engaging, interactive method.

What’s Inside Copy Riddles?

20 Rounds of A-List Techniques

Structured in a unique format known as “rounds,” the course starts off simple and gradually amps up the excitement. Each round offers you a specific copywriting trick or tactic used by industry legends, which you can apply in real time.

Round Highlights

  • Round 8: Learn to craft “impossible” bullets that are both plausible and irresistibly enticing.
  • Round 10: Uncover the “problem mechanism” to turn skeptical readers into eager buyers.
  • Round 11: Utilize Gary Halbert’s “sex expert” trick to amplify desire and believability.
  • Round 9: Master the deadly, effective 30-second bullet tease.
  • Round 18: Learn the bullet element that separates master persuaders from the rest.
  • Round 14: Employ magic words that boost your copy instant response.
  • Round 12: Short-circuit logical thinking for immediate buying decisions.
  • Round 6: Discover an 8-letter talk that makes your copy irresistibly intriguing.
  • Round 19: Get your hands on a sexy bullet-writing technique that’ll make your peers green with envy.
  • Round 17: Ethically stir up intrigue with fabricated facts and figures.

Real-world Demos

Watch live demos showcasing utilizing these A-list techniques in various types of copy, including headlines, body copy, and emails.

The Copy Riddles Method: More than Just Learning

Unlike traditional courses that “tell” you what to do, Copy Riddles lets you experience and internalize each technique. You’re first presented with a “riddle,” a short text for you to craft bullets from. After your attempt, you’re shown an A-lister’s solution to the same riddle, explaining the technique used. You’re then given a second riddle to apply the learned technique, reinforcing its internalization.

Why Choose Copy Riddles?

Practice Makes Perfect

You get to practice each tactic in a controlled setting, so by the end of the course, these skills are permanently imprinted in your mind, ready to be summoned whenever you write copy.

Real-World Applications

Apply your newfound skills in your marketing campaigns or freelance work, increasing revenue for your business or clients.


The course is evergreen, meaning you can access it anytime, anywhere. Plus, the price will never be lower than it is now, making today the best time to invest in your copywriting future.

Transformative Experience

Once you can craft compelling bullets and master other techniques, you’ll set yourself apart, unlocking the potential for higher earnings and greater career opportunities.

For All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned copywriter, this course provides immense value by allowing you to actually apply what you’ve learned, rather than merely absorbing information.

Enroll Now to Supercharge Your Copywriting Skills

If you’re serious about leveling up your copywriting skills, “Copy Riddles” is the essential course you’ve been waiting for. Take the plunge today and become the A-list copywriter you’re destined to be.



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