Jeff Lenney – Cashwords Formula

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Jeff Lenney – Cashwords Formula

What You Get inside Cashwords Formula:


8-Module Cashwords Formula


Dive deep into Jeff Lenney’s proven system and discover:

  • How to pick the right niche…
  • How to find keywords virtually no one else pays attention to, yet people with money in their hands search for them on Google…
  • How to quickly create a professionally-looking mini-site without knowing how to code or hiring a developer…
  • How to get amazing content for your mini-site with little to no investment…
  • How to get your pages to show up on page 1 of Google & bring you more traffic and profit…
  • And more…

Everything Jeff does in his own business to make money is in this course.



The Quick-Start Guide To Hijacking Google Traffic For Profit In 30 Minutes


Why should you have to wait until you have completed the entire course before you can enjoy the benefits of free traffic?

You’ll be able to get your pages ranked on Google as quickly as possible if you follow the instructions in this quick-start guide.

This is the ideal way for you to tap into precisely what Jeff does if you already have a head start with your very own mini-site.



Plus, 9 Amazing FREE Bonuses:


LIVE Weekly Launch Walkthroughs With Q&A 

As a founding member of the Cashwords Formula, you will receive weekly live calls with Jeff as the course is released.

During these calls, he will walk you through the steps and reveal more of his secrets to you.

And you’ll have the opportunity to ask him anything you want about SEO, affiliate marketing, content writing, and more…

NOTE: These LIVE calls will only be held during the Cashwords Formula’s initial Founding Member launch.




Top 10 Markets For A 3% Royalty Empire


Not every niche is created equal.

Some niches have many buyers who buy more, more frequently, and more expensive items.

Other markets? Not at all.

That’s why Jeff compiled a list of his favorite niches, which have proven to have many buyers.

He only needs a few to generate 5 to 6 figures per month, so the opportunities are nearly limitless.



Beyond Amazon: My Top 10 Affiliate Programs 


Amazon is just getting started!

There are potentially 100,000 affiliate partners out there. Everything from courses to high-end items.

But how do you choose the best program? Where should I look?

Jeff has compiled a list of his top ten affiliate programs to assist you.

You’re unlikely to need to look elsewhere.



The Mini-Site in 55 Minutes


Contrary to popular belief, building a website from scratch is not as difficult as it once was.

Mainly if you use a “mini-site,” as Jeff suggests.

You are not required to code anything. You don’t even need to hire a developer.

Today, simple drag-and-drop tools are available to make the entire process as simple as possible.

Jeff will show you how to build a website from the ground up.




SEO Rocketfuel: Strategies To Hack Your SEO With Other People’s Websites


We make money by selling other people’s goods.

So why not use other people’s websites to increase your Google ranking faster?

Jeff shares his favorite strategies for “hacking” your SEO and getting Google’s attention much faster.



How to Win Google Search Using Unexpected and Ignored Keywords


Most people make this one mistake: they ignore keywords with a low search volume.

It’s too bad for them.

That’s fantastic.

Jeff shows you how to find these keywords that almost everyone ignores, but people who are ready to buy are looking for!

This is akin to discovering a goldmine of profitable keywords.



Cashwords Formula Confidential: A Series of Private Interviews With SEO Experts


Google hires the best engineers in the world to build the best search engine possible.

And SEO experts around the world are attempting to “crack the code” of Google’s ranking algorithm in order to rank their pages higher.

So, Jeff will bring some of those experts to share their experiences and secrets with you several times throughout the year.

It’s like having exclusive access to the #1 SEO podcast for your eyes and ears only.




Click, Click, Profit – How To Increase Your Google Revenue

There is a simple and easy way to increase your profit from Google by making a few simple changes.

Jeff will demonstrate how and what changes to make.



$250,000 Case Study – How Jeff Made $250,000 In Commission With SEO Traffic During ONE Launch


Jeff made $250,000 during one “perfect storm” event.

That’s the money he took home, not the revenue!

In this special case study, he will explain how he did it…

With just a mini-site, a few pages, and Google’s free SEO traffic.

If you’re serious about earning money online, don’t miss out on this case study.

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