Holly Stark – Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced

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Holly Stark – Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic & Advanced


We’re glad you’re here at the Head in the Clouds SEO Training. The first step is to… You will receive the most effective SEO training this year, I promise!

Get ready for some incredible early 2000s SEO that will certainly leave you staring at the screen in awe.
You can achieve an SEO level that you might have thought was unattainable just the previous day with the help of what I will show you in this course.
Let’s start now.


The instruction consists of two levels and three distinct courses, and each of these modules is worth the sum Holly asks for all three. All year long, we work to give you the best value possible for your money when it comes to SEO!

Head in the Clouds Linkbuilding Course: The Basic Level
We’ll now go through how to build UR50+DR80plus backlinks to PBN for any niche you want to cover in the hundreds of thousands.

On the day you create them, the links you create will be IMMEDIATELY ready to be used to construct SEO backlinks.


We’ll help you swiftly and efficiently build hundreds of websites and connections within hours by giving you a private list of the most well-liked and trustworthy domain names.

How can the performance of these domains be manipulated such that you can easily compete with platforms like Facebook and Youtube?

These PBNs might quickly take over the entire pages of national clients to rank for competitive keyword terms, giving local customers a good earful.
I’m adamant that if you take the foundational course and adhere to the instructions, you’ll be able to change how you work to construct your career. Permanent PBN connections for you and your clients in the hundreds, far more quickly than you anticipated ( like days).

Advanced Stage: Empire of AI SEO

Since I don’t want to reveal our methodology and software before the course even begins, I won’t say too much about this part of the course, but I will tell you this.

After completing this program’s section, you’ll be able to create as many high-quality, private, and exclusive PBNs for your niche or even PBNs with specific keywords for any customer, or you’ll be able to rank your own PBNs.

I’ll show you how to create websites in less than a minute. I mean it seriously.


Within a few weeks, these websites automatically provide high metrics. They generate tons of live organic traffic and instantly show up on Google for a variety of keywords.
Within 30 to 45 days of the date of construction, you may utilize these websites as links to your own or the websites of your clients.

They rank on Google incredibly quickly because they are SEO-optimized, connected to, and include numerous pages of high-quality material that Google has indexed.

If you can get your head around the concepts I’m presenting, you’ll be able to push a button and instantly generate a complete blog network of beautiful, safe, high-powered blogs that cover any topic you choose.


After that, I’ll show you how to create blogs using just one keyword. That’s correct, all you need is one keyword to create an engaging and specific niche PBN that will turn into a valuable SEO asset that will bring in money in the future.

Enter your search terms, click an icon, and presto!
a brand-new, powerful PBN
Repeat after me.

The best links to find through SEO are many and extremely useful.


Oh yeah, even if you don’t know a word, it is possible to create blogs in less than 200 LANGUAGES!
I’ve had over 60 Spanish PBNs driving heavy traffic for about three weeks. My Spanish isn’t very good. I’m nowhere near close, hehe.
Analyze it. Do you have any idea how much traffic 10 PBN domains in Spanish with the right keyword selection could bring in?

I’ll tell you that using NEW WEBSITES, we reached over 4,000 organic users on Google in just one month!
Have you ever wondered what harm you may cause with just 100 backlinks from niche sites with high domain authority?
Never again will you or your clients need to buy backlinks from a separate seller, be assured.
All of your backlinks are yours!


I’ll tell you about this advanced course award if you haven’t already started peeing your pants over everything. To satisfy Holly, though, it needs to be its own thing. It’s a pleasure. I’ll be able to treat myself.

AI Auto CTR Bonus for Advanced Courses

I’ll show you the most amazing SEO trick ever in this additional course that will be included with our advanced techniques.

I’ll demonstrate how to develop very successful ads to raise your click-through rates and fast rank your clients.
The CTR campaigns are completely tracked and monitored, and daily, weekly, monthly, and daily data are generated that you may share with your clients. If they attempted to read every word, their eyes would bleed from the detail.


Direct communication between the CTR campaigns and the Google search interface is possible. They will look up EVERY term associated with your website on Google… ALL, even if there are tens of thousands of them.

After that, the software will generate the best report possible for all of your keywords, their current ranks, and their current click-through rates. Additionally, it will create the campaign and determine the best click-through rates for each of your keywords. You only need to click “run.”

Win, indeed. On their website, the client runs an excellent CTR campaign with full reporting and results tracking that is visible from the first day.

Additionally, these campaigns confer with Google and modify your campaign’s CTR in real-time… Nothing will need to be changed. The system might update the drive to reflect changes in your Google ranking!

It doesn’t require any knowledge, which is the most alluring feature. You don’t need to be an expert in CTR to set up and design the campaign that will run monthly for your consumers or you… You only require a domain address, it’s really that easy.


Math and words are absent. Just enter the domain and hit the submit button on the computer. Everything I just told you happens right now, right now, and forever.

You can get three of the best head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced combined into one.

All right, I can’t wait to share this Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced with you!
The best SEO-related training you’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing will be something I design.

The public will have extensive access to the techniques covered in this seminar during the next 30 hours. Anyone who can keep up with the competition and learn these strategies and tools will succeed.

Since these strategies are based on organic, unpolished SEO, which is always beneficial, they will continue to be useful in five, ten, or twenty years.
This is your “I would have been a millionaire by now if I knew how to do SEO back in 2001” moment.

I’ll make one more promise to you. You won’t ever be able to stay up with the SEOs who obtain the training if you don’t participate in this program.

You can build yourself or your clients incredibly high-quality, one-of-a-kind PBN link networks after completing this course.


A real-time network that primarily derives from Google.

Additionally, they will be able to build a full system in a single day.
You pay a fraction of what you would without outsourcing, and recurrent costs total less than $200 per month.

And with only a minute or two of work (primarily copy-pasting keywords and domains into the software).
Best of Luck in fighting this because of that!
Avoid missing it. It will never come back.


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