Gina Horkey – Fully Booked VA

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Gina Horkey – Fully Booked VA



The Fully Booked VA course by Gina Horkey is a comprehensive program designed to guide you in launching and growing a successful virtual assistant business. 

This course is structured into nine modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of the VA business.

Module 1: Craft Your Plan: This module helps you set realistic business goals, select in-demand services, and establish competitive pricing. It includes a bonus Hourly Rate Calculator.

Module 2: Find Clients Discover seven methods to find potential clients, communicate effectively with prospects, and use scripts and real-life examples. This module includes a bonus #FBVA Pitching Challenge.

Module 3: Get Hired Master the art of interviewing clients, negotiating higher rates, and transitioning to set packages. It comes with bonus Interview follow-up templates.

Module 4: Nail Your Process Impress clients with professional proposals, create contracts, onboard clients effectively, manage projects, and ensure timely payments. This module includes bonus Client onboarding worksheets, proposals, and contract templates.

Module 5: Manage Clients Build strong client relationships, communicate effectively, handle mistakes gracefully, and evaluate projects for alignment with goals. It includes a bonus Client Exit Worksheet.

Module 6: Get Efficient Implement productive work processes, manage time effectively, and assist clients with Standard Operating Procedures. This module includes a bonus Map Out Your Ideal Work Schedule Worksheet.

Module 7: Grow Your Income Explore five core VA specializations, choose the right niche, and scale your income without increasing your workload. This module includes bonus exclusive niche-specific interviews with successful VA specialists.

Module 8: Get Online Develop an online presence through strategic social media use, create an online resume, and establish your brand identity. This module includes a bonus Online resume template.

Module 9: Go Full-Time Navigate the legal aspects of setting up your business, plan for time off, address healthcare and retirement concerns, and create a game plan for long-term success. This module includes a bonus 90-day Marketing Planner.

The course is packed with invaluable bonus resources, including templates, worksheets, interviews with successful VA specialists, and more. 

By enrolling in the Fully Booked VA course, you are taking the first step towards a fulfilling and profitable VA career. 

The course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and confidence needed to excel in the VA industry, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to venture into this field.

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