Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch

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Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch

Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch


Ready to change your life and launch a lucrative, sustainable business? Introducing “Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch,” a comprehensive course that lays out the steps needed to build your in-home farm and jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.

This course will enable you to grow profitable crops from home, avoiding common mistakes and offering a blueprint for success.

Module 1 is an inclusive introduction that breaks down the traditional learning approach by offering immediate action items to gear you toward results. This module sets the foundation for your microgreens venture, from key equipment recommendations to helpful tips.

The second module is your business plan builder. While gathering your equipment, you’ll follow a comprehensive guide to shape a robust business plan. You’ll gain insights into the business model, product understanding, market research, and ways to create a unique competitive edge.

In Module 3, you’ll establish your farming base within your home. This practical section will guide you through equipment set-up and growing area preparation. It’s all about making the initial steps towards your thriving in-home farm.

Module 4 dives into the nuts and bolts of indoor growing. From understanding the 10-day growth cycle to learning about the most profitable crops, watering basics, and the art of harvest, this module covers everything you need to avoid early pitfalls and set you on the right track.

Practicing makes perfect, and Module 5 is a testament to this. Engage in step-by-step demonstrations to master growing healthy microgreens. Once you’ve mastered the yields, the module segues into sales and marketing to secure your first paying customer.

In Module 6, you’ll set up your virtual farmer’s market. Besides gaining access to a FREE Micro Farm Sites account, you’ll also be guided on how to set up and market your site.

Even if you need to be more tech-savvy, this beginner-friendly guide will get you up and running.

Module 7 focuses on order fulfillment. Now that you know how to grow and sell, it’s time to package your greens into sellable products and meet your first order!

Module 8 introduces you to the intricacies of home delivery, from strategizing delivery routes and storing products to perfecting customer communication and handling refund requests.

In Module 9, you’ll learn how to scale your farm using innovative frameworks.

This section equips you with the knowledge to grow your business while bypassing the notorious “growing pains.”

Lastly, Module 10 emphasizes post-course support. Even after you’ve finished the course, you’ll have access to live monthly Q&As with course creator Jonah, so you continue to receive the guidance you need.

The training is tailored to your farm and goals, ensuring continued success in your microgreens business.

The Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch course offers a step-by-step guide to building a thriving, sustainable business right from home.

Harness the power of microgreens and become a part of the green revolution today!

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