Ed Leake – God Tier Ads

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Ed Leake – God Tier Ads

Inside God Tier Ads Within the next 30 days, simplify account management, reclaim control, and improve results.

Get the only Google Ads framework that walks you through every process step, from setup to ad optimization.

It’s not a secret. Google Ads are constantly changing.

“Why do we need you if every feature is smart?”

Google is on a killing spree.

A Consistent Push for Ad Automation. Overnight, features change. There is a lack of support and transparency. You will also experience a loss of control.

With A Highly Detailed Checklist, SOPs, Scripts, Tips, And Cheat Sheets, God Tier Ads Is Your Shortcut To Results.

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Improve Your Google Ads Performance.

Get God Tier Ads – Not For Novices

What exactly is in your God Tier Ads blueprint?

Not Just a PPC Checklist:

  • Use the interactive checklist to keep track of your progress (Google Sheet)
  • 330+ Stairs And Increasing Level-
  • Increase Your Knowledge With 40+ SOPs, Cheat Sheets, And Scripts
  • Shortcuts and Tips Can Save You Hours
  • With step-by-step campaign builds, you can avoid costly mistakes.
  • Perform Professional Keyword and Conversion Optimization
  • Obtain Repetitive Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Routines
  • Save days or weeks of training new employees 

And more…

Get The World’s Most Comprehensive Google Ads Blueprint And Step Up Your Game.

What  God Tier Ads exactly is included?


Download This File to Get Your Checklist Instructions!

2. Attribution

  • Choosing the Right Model for Attribution
  • Cheat Sheet for the Pdf Attribution Model

3. Planning

  • Categories for Negative Keyword Lists – Google Sheets
  • Foundation for Bidding Strategy.Pdf
  • Budgeting and Key Performance Indicators.Pdf
  • Predictions for Google Ads.Xls

4. Building

  • Methodology of Keyword Matching.Pdf
  • Cheat Sheet for Bidding Strategy.Pdf

5. Optimization PDF

  • Avoid both under and over optimization.Pdf
  • Rules for Search Term Reports.Pdf
  • Pdf Keyword Decision Matrix
  • Remove Max Conversions.Pdf from your system.
  • Game Plan – Budget Optimization.Pdf

Scripts in PDF (Additional Scripts Mentioned On The Checklist)

  • Date of Ad Creation.
  • Audience Bid Mapper via text message.
  • Close Variants Report Txt
  • Duplicate Keywords in Text
  • Check for duplicate queries in Txt.
  • In Sheets, Txt Search Query Mining
  • Low QS Alert via text message.
  • QS Analysis Report in text format.
  • Keywords Txt To Negative List
  • Search Partner Performance in Txt.


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