Dori Friend – SEO Rockstars Recordings 2021

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Dori Friend – SEO Rockstars Recordings 2021

Dear SEO Professional, This is the 10th time I’ve hosted SEO Rockstars Recordings 2021. WOW! When I started SEORockstars all those years ago, I never intended it to be an annual event, but each year I would get talked into doing it again, LOL.

So here we are ten years later…

And when I look back at all the speakers I’ve had on this stage in the last ten years, I think the absolute best presentations have been from the guys and gals that aren’t well known.

These people don’t usually speak at events and rarely share in chat groups or forums because they are either somewhat shy or just don’t want to be exposed.


That’s why I call them “Underground” SEOs.

And… they bring with them an unusual array of unknown strategies. These are the guys that have the winning SEO tricks and methods WE HAVEN’T HEARD ABOUT YET!

This is what has always made SEO Rockstars so unique.

I mean, who wants to hear from the same corporate presenter with the same standard presentation you can get anywhere else (because you know they deliver it repeatedly.) The only thing worse than an overused set of slides is when they have a pitch to sell you something after it!! YIKES!! Neither of which you will find here!

Of course, we will still have some of the crowd pleasers that have rocked this stage in the past, but for the most part, you won’t have heard of the speakers I’m bringing on stage this year. In fact, most of the speakers will remain a mystery!

About the Speakers

Now I know that’s a little strange for a conference, but here’s the deal: even some speakers will let you know who they are (and I will update this page with their names when I get all their presentation details). Most won’t, and the reason is pretty simple:

They don’t want Google (or their competition) to know who they are!

I think you can understand that. If you had something that worked for you in your niche, would you want Google or your competitors in that niche to know what you were doing? I didn’t think so.

Therefore, I promised they could have complete anonymity if they chose. This way, I can leverage the BEST of the BEST to show us what they are doing to win big on Google, no matter how BLACK HAT it may be.

I guarantee each speaker will deliver “at least” one knowledge bomb you can roll around and take to the SEO piggy bank!

I can also say with certainty and openly that both Clint Butler and I will be speaking. So you know what that means?


To Get the Absolute Latest SEO Trends & SIA Tested Material,

The founders of the SEOIntelligence Agency are putting this on, so you know you will get the latest scoop on what is working and what is not.

And because of that, I chose speakers whose SEO practices and the SEO information they give out correlate with our test’s findings. We have done well, almost 700 tests, so we know when someone is bullshitting or not.

You will get information that is:

Up to date

Leading edge facts, not skimpy theories based on myths.
Tested and proven to work.
Strategies that others don’t talk about
SEO you can take to the bank.

It is hard to describe, but once you have been to Seo rockstars 2021 event, you will “get it” and say, “Oh, yeah.” Dori DID say it would feel like this: “No snooty people allowed.”

Some of the most influential people I’ve met in this business have come from my SEORockstar events, and I know, for a fact, I would not be where I am today without listening to those events.

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