Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0

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Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0

The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 – The exact process we use to secure 5-20 new qualified prospect meetings every week for our clients.
Introducing…. The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0.
What’s Inside…

Generate meetings using small-batch, personalized outreach via Email, LinkedIn, and phone.

No more overwhelmed – use constraints and learn how to craft effective campaigns based on shortlists and tasteful copy, and build relationships with the RIGHT prospects.

Delegate lead generation tasks and get leverage.
No more start-and-stop – get consistent through the right division of duties, even if you’re a solo shop.

Get inspired by dozens of copy examples and case studies from successful agency-to-brand campaigns.

Learn everything we know from over 7,000 campaigns since 2014.
Plug Your Agency into the Right Audiences and Become a Thought Leader.
Craft outreach campaigns to get in front of ideal prospects on podcasts, blogs, and digital panels.
Actionable and Digestible.

Complete all video modules in around four hours and launch campaigns within one week so you can fill your pipeline sooner rather than later.
What’s New in the 2.0 Version?
Resource Checklist One-Sheeter, so you can set up the right systems from the beginning.
Bonus Module: How to Implement Relationship Sales At Scale.
Videos re-edited for a smoother overall experience.
A new introduction from the instructor.
Sale Page: https://sales-schema.teachable.com/p/fb-agency-lead-gen-course

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