Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

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Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System


Who The Greatest Hits Content System course for

The Greatest Hits Content System is ideal if you run a client-based business and sell a high-ticket service, coaching, or consulting offer for $500 or more. If this describes you, you are most likely dealing with the following:

  • Getting clients without needing to do manual cold email outreach
  • Acquiring a handful of clients who pay premium prices regularly
  • Working with clients who have more money than time
  • Executing a content strategy that works to acquire high-ticket clients vs. SEO traffic
  • Turning leads into clients, so you never have to worry about losing one big client
  • Living month-to-month with an unstable cash flow

What it helps you achieve

Greatest Hits Content will assist you in achieving the following goals in 30-90 days:

  • Build recurring revenue by adding 5-10 high-paying, recurring clients to your business
  • Find the right content topics to attract larger clients who want your help
  • Position you as a “market of one” so clients can only get what you sell from you
  • Grow an audience you own and can contact anytime you need a new client
  • Take on a new client whenever you need to by sending one email
  • Run small budget ads to your content to add new prospects to your email list daily
  • Get off the content creation hamster wheel by doing all of the above with 1-5 pieces of content (aka 1-5 “greatest hits”)

How it works

The Best Hits The content is divided into seven sections (with templates, email swipes, and examples you can model). Every section has a 30-90-minute long over-the-shoulder video training.

Part 1: Greatest Hits Content Survey

TL;DR:  How to identify content topics using a novel survey method.

  • The three questions you need to ask to find the best content topics.
  • The survey template we used to get 104 responses.
  • How to analyze the survey results and prioritize what content to create first.
  • How to check if the topics from your survey have organic traffic potential.
  • How to run this survey on social media if you don’t have an email list.

Part 2: AIDA Article Template

TL;DR:  How to use a proven writing template to create slam dunk content every time.

  • How to write the headline, outline, and body of your blog posts to hook in the right readers. 
  • The writing template we use (based on the same template we used to attract the Head of Product Marketing at Amazon with one blog post). 
  • Introduction and body copy formulas for the five blog post formats we’ve found that work the best to attract big clients.
  • Live examples of how to write content that gets clients and ranks on Google.
  • One resource you can use to outsource your content for less than $0.18 per word if you don’t want to write it.

Part 3: Three Jabs Strategy

TL;DR: How to convert more than 10% of your traffic into leads.

  • How to use “Utility Content Upgrades” to convert content-driven traffic into leads.
  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The content conversion strategy we used on one blog to convert the blog’s traffic into 10,080 email leads per month.
  • How to track what pieces of content convert to clients the best so you can double down on promoting your top converters.
  • Ensure more of your emails hit your lead’s inbox so they see your offer (hint: Active Audience).
  • How to customize the experience for every visitor to your site, so you get more conversions from your content.

Part 4: Red Packet Partnerships

TL;DR: How to Generate 100-1,000 Leads in a Single Day (without SEO or paid ads).

  • How to find partners who can add 100-1,000 leads to your business in one day using your content and “guest emails”.
  • The free tool we use to add emails to our mailing list is when someone clicks a link inside one of our partner’s emails. No one teaches this.
  • How to track how many clients come from every partnership, so you can do more promos with partners who deliver high-paying clients.
  • Three warm partner methods and three cold partner methods. Start with the warm partner methods for quick and easy partnership wins.
  • The exact partnership script we use to land win-win partnerships with big influencers we’ve never met before.

Part 5: $5 Hit Records

TL;DR: How to run low-cost content distribution ads to generate daily leads.

  • You need to look at the one Google Analytics report to see which of your content converts the best, so you can promote it in your ads.
  • A live demo of how to set up your ads inside the ad network with the exact conversion objective and settings you need to use.
  • The step-by-step standard operating procedure our team uses that you can follow or give to a team member to set up your ads for you.
  • A campaign planning template with ad copy, headlines, and blog post URLs so you can fill in the blanks, then upload your ads into the ad network.
  • How we write ads that get shares and leads. I go over one of our highest converting ads with a 20% share-to-reaction ratio and break down how to write one for yourself.

Part 6: Viral Content Upgrades

TL;DR: Get strangers to share your content daily (without cold outreach).

  • What to do after someone opts into your email list, so you get more traffic to your content without paying more for ads?
  • Content upgrades vs. viral content upgrades. How, when, and where to use each to get maximum shares and leads from your content.
  • The free viral sharing tool we use to get people to share our blog posts. This is 25x more effective than the share bars on blogs nowadays.
  • How to leverage “credibility content” in your viral content upgrades to turn sharers into clients.
  • A live demo from blog post to social share so you can see how it works and how to set it up.

Part 7: 900 Word Emails

TL;DR: How to get $500-$15,000 clients (without a phone call).

  • Four GOATs of email marketing who’ve driven millions of dollars from email. Here’s what I learned from each of them to run 6-figure email campaigns.
  • How to use “presell content” to get the most qualified prospects in your audience to raise their hand that they want your help.
  • How to find the trigger points that get your clients to buy. Once you know these, you can keep using them in your emails to bring on new clients.
  • Word-for-word examples of how to write your emails, including how to word the call to action at the end of your email, so people reply to your offer.
  • How to have a natural conversation with people over chat to see if what you offer is a good fit for them, then bring them on as clients.


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