Brian Mark & Cole DaSilva – Change Lives Academy

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Brian Mark & Cole DaSilva – Change Lives Academy

Brian Mark & Cole DaSilva – Change Lives Academy



Are you passionate about transforming lives through fitness? Dream of tapping into the lucrative market of high-ticket clients? If you’re eager to master the online fitness business arena, the Change Lives Academy Course is your ultimate guide.

Led by industry pioneers Brian Mark and Cole DaSilva, this course guarantees a transformation not just in your clientele’s lives but in your business trajectory, too.

Your Transformation Journey:

Client Magnetism: 

Delve deep into the art and science of driving engagement. Discover how to attract clients, fostering social growth that counts magnetically.

Crafting Your Core Offer: Understand your unique value proposition and sculpt your core offering tailored for your niche clientele.

Premium Packages: 

Unveil the strategies to sell online programs priced at a premium consistently—think USD 1000+—regularly.

Know your client:

The heart of any successful business is understanding its customers. Learn to define, refine, and communicate with your ideal client avatar.

High-Value Lead Generation:

Master the techniques not just to attract leads but high-ticket ones. And the cherry on top? A stellar conversion rate of more than 25%.

Laser-Sharp Business Focus:

Grasp the strategies to hone your business focus, ensuring every effort you make yields maximum ROI.

Elevate Your Earnings:

Within just 90 days, gear up to make and consistently maintain an impressive USD 10K per month.

Building Your Tribe:

Go beyond just clientele. Learn the art of creating an online community—a tribe of raving fans who don’t just buy but also refer repeatedly.

Stay Updated: 

Get exclusive access to a community of 10,000+ online personal trainers. Witness firsthand what’s making waves in the industry right now.

Systems & Tech Mastery:

Simplify and scale! Get a grip on the essential online fitness business systems and technology to amplify your business.

Why Change Lives Academy?

The fitness realm is evolving. With the surge of online platforms, there’s never been a better time to tap into the online fitness business spectrum. However, it’s not just about being online; it’s about being effective online.

Brian Mark and Cole Da Silva have meticulously crafted the Change Lives Academy with one sole purpose: to provide you with a concrete, step-by-step blueprint. A blueprint that’s been tried, tested, and proven.

With their expertise, witness firsthand how you can survive, thrive, and dominate in the competitive online fitness world. 

In just 90 days, get ready to change your lives and establish an online fitness empire.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that promises fitness and business transformation?

Dive in and change lives with the Change Lives Academy!



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