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Bastiaan Slot – Appointment Setter – New Age Setter 2023



Welcome to, where we are dedicated to elevating individuals and businesses to new heights of excellence. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our tailored training solutions, designed to boost your appointment-setting skills and equip coaches and consultants with dynamic strategies to scale their enterprises.

Why appointment setting matters:

Appointment setting is the linchpin of many businesses and professions. We understand the profound impact it can have on your career and organizational success. Here’s how we’re committed to making a difference:

1. Personalized Training for Individuals:

Our training programs are carefully crafted to cater to individuals at all career stages. Whether starting or seasoned, our courses elevate your skills, helping you secure more appointments and advance your career.

2. Empowering Coaches and Consultants:

Coaches and consultants play a pivotal role in guiding businesses and individuals. We empower them with tools and strategies, including identifying high-performing appointment setters, tried-and-tested marketing techniques, and robust systems.

3. Achieving Transformation and Growth:

We aspire to be catalysts for profound transformation in your personal and professional lives. Our solutions are designed to enhance your lifestyle and help you achieve new milestones in your business endeavors.

Personalized Training for Skill Enhancement:

Our training modules cater to diverse needs, covering communication skills, negotiation strategies, lead-generation tactics, and cutting-edge technology. We offer resources for all backgrounds and experience levels. Our courses are practical, offering hands-on exercises to build confidence and competence in real-world scenarios.

Empowering coaches and consultants:

We support coaches and consultants in attracting high-performing appointment setters, enhancing marketing strategies, and creating efficient systems. Our solutions enable you to reach more clients and deliver your expertise to a wider audience.

Achieving Transformation and Growth:

Our vision extends beyond incremental improvements. We aim to bring substantial changes to your life and business. Our strategies drive you toward success that extends beyond your current boundaries.

In conclusion, is your partner for meaningful change through personalized training and strategic guidance. Whether you’re looking to enhance your appointment-setting skills or a coach or consultant aiming to expand your influence, our programs empower you to excel in your field. 

We don’t just help; we inspire transformation and drive you toward new levels of achievement. Unlock your potential with us.

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