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April Hardy – Elevate With eCommerce


April Hardy – Elevate With eCommerce


Elevate your eCommerce expertise and transform your Shopify design journey with April Hardy’s meticulously crafted Elevate With eCommerce course. This comprehensive program is a treasure trove of knowledge, resources, and hands-on strategies designed to empower aspiring designers, developers, and entrepreneurs with the skills needed to succeed in the dynamic world of online retail.

Module 1: Client Attraction and Onboarding

Dive into the course with a deep exploration of attracting and onboarding clients, the cornerstone of a successful Shopify design project. Learn to identify your ideal clients, master the art of discovery calls, and establish a streamlined onboarding process. With resources like the Website Planner Template and Onboarding Process Checklist, you can set clear project scopes and expectations, ensuring a solid foundation for every project.

Module 2: Project and Asset Management

Gain mastery over project and asset management, crucial for navigating the complexities of Shopify design projects. This module offers a comprehensive overview of project management tools like Asana, becoming a Shopify Partner, and efficient asset management. The included Asana Board Template and Master Google Drive Format are designed to keep your projects organized and on track.

Module 3: Product Importing and Integration

Delve into the essentials of product management, focusing on the Shopify platform’s capabilities for managing products, pages, blogs, and detailed product information. This module is packed with practical knowledge on product dashboard navigation, bulk importing, and metafield mapping, complemented by resources like fully mapped product CSVs and interactive quizzes to solidify your learning.

Module 4: Let The Fun Begin!

This module is where creativity meets functionality. After laying the groundwork, it’s time to customize your theme and truly make the Shopify store your own. From understanding theme differences to conducting design research and diving into CSS, this section is the heart of the design process. Accompanied by a Notion CSS Library and a custom ‘Featured Product Section’, this module is a deep dive into the aesthetics of eCommerce design.

Module 5: Apps and Marketing

Explore the world of Shopify apps and marketing strategies to enhance site functionality and user experience. Learn about popular Shopify apps, discount strategies, and deep email marketing dives.

This module provides a Notion App Library and insights into essential marketing tools like Klaviyo, ensuring your eCommerce site looks good and performs exceptionally.

Module 6: Shopify Backend Settings and Launching

The final module prepares you for the grand finale: launching your Shopify store. This module covers everything you need for a successful launch, from configuring Shopify backend settings to understanding SEO and preparing site mockups. 

You’ll learn how to hand over site ownership seamlessly and ensure every technical detail is polished for the big day.

April Hardy Elevate With eCommerce course is more than just a learning platform; it’s a comprehensive guide to mastering the art and science of eCommerce on Shopify. With a rich compilation of modules, from client onboarding to launching your site, and many resources like interactive quizzes and personalized feedback opportunities, this course is your ticket to becoming an eCommerce maestro.

Embark on this journey to elevate your eCommerce skills with April Hardy and unlock the full potential of your online business. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your expertise, the “Elevate With eCommerce” course is your roadmap to success in the bustling world of Shopify design and online retail.


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