Adrienne Richardson – Team ADvantage DIY

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Adrienne Richardson – Team ADvantage DIY



Avoid Expensive Ad Agencies and Save Thousands of Dollars Per Year With A Winning Facebook Strategy For Low Ticket Offers!


When was the last time you opened Facebook or Instagram without seeing an advertisement for a $27 or $37 product that promises to solve all of your problems?

And I understand why they’re popular: they work!

However, with the growing popularity of low ticket offers, businesses face a huge challenge: to sell their tiny offer in volume, they need Facebook ads to scale. And you need a LOT of volumes to start turning a real profit.

We’re talking about HUNDREDS of buyers… EACH. AND. EVERY. MONTH.

As a result, the majority of business owners do the “right thing” and hire an expert.

However, hiring an advertising agency is costly…

And consumes all of the profits generated by the low-ticket funnel.

(I say this as the owner of a high-fee agency.)

That’s correct.

I own an advertising agency, and I’m telling you not to hire one.

Home Team ADvantage DIY is now available.


HTA teaches you exactly how to create ads for low-ticket offers in a way that produces the highest ROI possible.


I’m Giving You Everything

you need to know, from beginning to end, to create and manage ads for a low ticket funnel.

  • From campaign setup and structure… to ad copy and images…
  • From proper low ticket strategy… to collecting data and interpreting it…
  • From troubleshooting poorly performing ads… to identifying and properly scaling your winning campaigns…

I’m not holding anything back.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Learn about and understand Facebook ads explicitly designed for low-ticket offers to make your SLOs profitable.
  • Have confidence that your campaigns are structured in the most effective way for your offer.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot and repair poorly performing campaigns.
  • Reach out to the right people who want to purchase your information products and digital courses, lowering your average cost per sale and increasing your profits.
  • Remove the need to hire an expensive agency… instead, save that money and invest it in your own ads!
  • Never again guess or make uninformed decisions about how to successfully manage your ads!

Here are the specifics for Home Team Advantage DIY.


  • The RIGHT days that walk attendees through the RIGHT Facebook Ad strategy required to generate sales for low ticket funnels.
  • Correct PLACEMENT protocols and TARGETING selections are required to reach your ideal clients and achieve your ads’ highest possible conversion rate.
  • How to Determine the Appropriate Budget for Your Product and Revenue Objectives
  • How to track data, interpret data, and diagnose the funnel to increase the percentage of people who purchase your digital product.
  • Ad copy dos and don’ts — compliance is a big deal right now.
  • If you break their rules, Facebook will terminate your ad account immediately.
  • What types of ad images work best for low-ticket offers – images are very important in ad performance!
  • Strategies for potential retargeting buyers who abandon their carts.
  • How to SCALE AD CAMPAIGNS IN A PROFITABLE MANNER – This is one of the most challenging aspects of ad management. Most people must hire a professional to scale their buildings. I’ll share my one-of-a-kind ROI Scaling Method for low-ticket funnels, which breaks down the scaling process into bite-sized, simple steps that any smart person can do.

Plus, I’ve included two bonuses to provide you with additional support until the end of the year!

BONUS #1 Powerplayers Club

Even though this Black Friday special is the DIY version of HTA with no support, it didn’t feel right to leave you on your own. So I’m offering you four weeks of assistance inside the Power players Club!

Attend weekly Q&A calls and post questions about your SLO ads in the Facebook group whenever you have a question. You’ll also have access to all of the Club’s courses as well as our guest trainer masterclasses.

BONUS #2 Offer Cure

Whether you already have a low-ticket offer or want to create one, Julie’s Offer Cure program will teach you everything you need to know about determining the right price, what to include, and how to write a sales page that makes people want to buy!

Julie is the former VP of Clickfunnels, the founder of Funnel Gorgeous, and THE authority on low ticket funnels.

This digital bundle contains resources and tools to help you create offers quickly, such as sales page templates, an offer naming tutorial, and package design graphics.

A Summary of What You’ll Receive

  • Get the complete course that walks you through the RIGHT Facebook Ad strategy for generating sales for low-ticket funnels.
  • We won’t drip this out over 8 weeks like we usually do; once your payment is processed, you’ll have immediate access.
  • Take things at your own pace. Normally, we spread out this content over a few weeks. You will have access to all courses and will be able to work at your own pace.
  • Access to training is unlimited, so you can refer to them now and in the future.
  • BONUS! Club of Power players
  • BONUS: Include Cure by Julie Stoian.

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