Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

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Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

How to Quit Your 9-to-5 Job and Achieve Financial Independence With NO Experience


The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem: Build Multiple Passive Income Streams to Quit Your 9-to-5 Job and Live a Life of True Freedom
Who Else Wants To Retire From Their 9 to 5 Job And Achieve Financial Freedom?

The most important message you’ll ever read is this one: if you want to start a successful affiliate marketing business in a matter of months or less, read no further.


Beloved Friend,

Let’s skip the drawn-out introduction and go right to the point.

You’ve seen beginners grow their affiliate marketing businesses from nothing to more than $10,000 a month and achieve financial independence. One such example is Daniel Chou, who was in debt of $35,000 and was jobless when he started his firm but is now making $20,000 in less than a year.

And if you’ve been following my TikTok and YouTube channels, you’ve probably noticed how crazy everyone is over this.

Filling the comments and my inbox with inquiries about every video…

They are frantically trying to figure out affiliate marketing to generate passive income & achieve financial independence.

One beginner who never gave up said, “7 months ago, I believed my internet dream was coming to an end.”

A screenshot of the money he made in his affiliate company in one week was just below the message.

$2372,60 was stated in a single week. And right today, that newcomer is bringing in $20k each month from his business!

I firmly believe that if you use the affiliate stacking ecosystem and commit to using this strategy, you WILL BE successful!

This is the best affiliate marketing training available because, in contrast to other self-proclaimed experts in the field, I am right there beside you. by putting these tactics into practice in my own company.
Additionally, this course is having the same effect on my pupils!


Module #1

Ecosystem for Affiliate Stacking

Find out how to use the affiliate stacking ecosystem to reach financial independence.
In both the short- and long-term grand picture, I will go into great detail.
I’ll demonstrate how to harness the ecology of affiliate stacking to quickly generate big ticket sales.
But more significantly, I’ll demonstrate how to structure your company for long-term success.

Thanks to the affiliate stacking ecosystem, we’ll set you up with an autopilot funnel once we’ve made your success in achieving financial freedom almost inevitable.


Module #2

The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

How to build a passive revenue strategy that will let you run your company without having to think about it.
This program’s objective is to teach you how to leave your work, but the most crucial component is reclaiming your time.
I’ll demonstrate how to quickly set up and operate your equipment.
Then I’ll demonstrate how to email clients to follow up with them. But it’s all automated…


Module #3

The Online ATM Machine (Emails)

Here, I’ll demonstrate how I automatically follow up with customers via email.

This is the magic ingredient that enables me to print money whenever I need it essentially.
I also provide my tried-and-true 6-figure monthly done-for-you templates so you can start immediately!
And I even reveal a hidden tool to you that I have never disclosed, which helps me produce emails that convert.

Once your emails are set up, I’ll demonstrate how I use YouTube to bring in unlimited numbers of highly targeted visitors to the affiliate stacking ecosystem.

Module #4 YouTube

How I use YouTube to get unlimited and specific traffic to the affiliate stacking ecosystem
I even demonstrate how to use YouTube effectively without showing your face.
Because I demonstrate how to develop content just once and have it continuously generate sales, this is by far the finest module on how to attract clients.
This enables you to enjoy both financial and time freedom fully.

Then, you’ll discover how to leverage 8 to 15-second videos to quickly and significantly expand your business.

Module #5 TikTok

Use 8 to 15-second movies to quickly and significantly expand your business.
This is a simple solution because we can now create VERY SIMPLE films that just take 15 seconds and immediately generate thousands of leads and purchases.
This is the quickest and simplest approach to expanding your company, particularly if you’re just getting started.

I’ll then demonstrate my strategy for using Facebook groups to establish my brand and gain the audience’s trust.

Module #6

Facebook Groups,

The unknown method I employ to essentially 10x my profits
I outline my approach for using Facebook groups to develop my audience’s trust in me.
The nicest thing about my approach is that I only devote 30 to 60 minutes a week to it.
This is a key component of my plan since it creates a ton of authority and trust, which enables you to sell anything you want.

Daniel Chou, a student at Freedom Breakthrough, teaches you how to generate high ticket sales. LIGHTING QUICKLY

Module #7

High Ticket Sales for Daniel Chou

Daniel Chou shows you how to get large ticket sales QUICKLY.
You have never seen anything like this before. He demonstrates for you how he makes sales by employing his ethical traffic-stealing BAIT AND SWITCH METHOD and six straightforward inquiries.
There is absolutely no get-rich-quick scheme. However, this is BY FAR the fastest way to generate money with this program, as I always emphasize.
Extreme Affiliate Joshua Ong Shows You How To Use A Facebook Profile To Earn Six Figures…

Module #8

Joshua Ong’s Facebook Profile Funnel, 

extreme affiliate Joshua Ong explains how he uses a Facebook presence to earn six figures.
This lesson is ideal for people who prefer to earn money without investing money in tools or software.

You’ll then discover how to build a website that generates leads and sales from Google.

Module #9

Create A Website For Blogging

How to build a website that attracts Google leads and sales.
For individuals who don’t want to make any videos or message anyone, this is ideal.
This is for someone who only wishes to earn money and never reveals their identity.

Nathan Lucas, a 7 Figure Super Affiliate, demonstrates how to use the top search engine in the world.

Module #10

Nathan Lucus – Google SEO Mastery


I invite the 7 Figure Super Affiliate, Nathan Lucas, to demonstrate how he draws free users to your expensive offers using the world’s top search engine.
This is ideal for individuals who don’t want to make any videos or message anyone.
This is for someone who only wishes to earn money and never reveals their identity.

You’ll learn next how I use paid Google and YouTube ads to significantly expand my business.


Module #11

Google Ads

How I use paid Google and YouTube advertisements to significantly expand my business
This is where I add fuel to the fire and demonstrate how I can invest $1 in advertising and make $5.
Just using this technique, I’ve made six figures.
Finally, you’ll learn how to market programs that haven’t even been made available.

Module #12

Launch Jacking

demonstrates how to market software that hasn’t yet been launched.
How come you would want to do that? Because this is how I made my first $10,000 online as a total beginner.
Without a client list, a sizable YouTube channel, or a website, I was able to market highly trendy and viral products by using launch-jacking methods.


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