W.D. Gann’s Square Of 9 Applied To Modern Markets (Lifetime Updates)

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W.D. Gann’s Square Of 9 Applied To Modern Markets (Lifetime Updates)



Unlock the Timeless Secrets of W.D. Gann’s Square of 9 with Our Comprehensive Course—Now Updated for the Modern Trader!

The mysteries of W.D. Gann’s Square of 9 have puzzled traders for decades. 

Originally conceptualized in the early 1900s, the Square of 9 is as relevant today as it was back then. This course decodes the power of Gann’s masterpiece and tailors it for modern markets, offering you a transformative educational experience.

Course Modules

Part 1: Introduction to the Square Of 9 – The Power of Squares Here, you’ll explore why W.D. Gann used squares in his trading concepts. Discover the 45-degree angle, and timekeepers, and get a walkthrough of the Gannzilla software—a crucial tool for mastering the Square of 9.

Part 2: Turning Time into Price Learn to merge time and price with techniques like Active Angles & Degrees. Go beyond basics with advanced numerology applications and understand the phenomenon of quantum leaps in price.

Part 3: W.D. Gann’s Mechanical Method This section lays down Gann’s rules for modern trading. From buying at double and triple bottoms to selling at double and triple tops, learn how to navigate the market with precision.

Part 4: Calculating Market Turning Points Discover how to square price and time and how secondary progressions at the rate of the Ascendant can be applied. Dive deep into the nominal progressions of the Moon and the Planets for advanced insights.

Live Webinars This isn’t just a static course; it’s a living-learning environment. Participate in numerous London and New York sessions scheduled yearly to stay updated and clarify your queries in real time.

Lifetime Updates The course promises lifetime updates, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of trading strategies and methodologies.

Benefits for Students

Grasp Real Market Mechanics Walk away with an in-depth understanding of market mechanics based on Gann’s proven strategies.

Skill Development Whether you’re an intermediate trader or an experienced pro, this course can help you sharpen your trading skills.

Become Your Own Analyst Learn to predict market trends with uncanny accuracy, empowering you to become your own financial analyst.

Personalized Learning: Take advantage of 1-on-1 mentorship opportunities to ensure that you internalize every nuance of the course.

Financial Freedom The skills you acquire here could set you on the path to financial freedom, allowing you to trade with increased confidence and reduced risk.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a course condoning decades of trading wisdom into an easy-to-digest format. This comprehensive course brings the legendary teachings of W.D. 

Gann into the 21st century, making it easier for traders to understand and apply these timeless principles to modern markets. Unlock the doors to advanced trading strategies today!

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