Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery

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Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery



Introducing the Trading Framework’s Profile Trading Mastery, a comprehensive course meticulously crafted by Kam Dhadwar.

 This program is not just another course in trading; it is a complete guide to Auction Market Theory and Market Profile Trading Strategies, providing you with a structured approach to discretionary trading.

This flagship online course is designed to be your companion in mastering the art of trading. Over 26 hours of immersive training covers everything from Advanced Auction Market Theory, Volume Profile, and Order Flow Trading Strategies to cultivating a more disciplined Trading Mindset. 

With the course’s potent blend of theory and practical examples, you’re not just learning but preparing for a transformative trading experience.

The course content is served in easily digestible modules ranging from 1-3 hours, ensuring that each concept is understood deeply and can be applied effectively. Each module delves into immense detail and examples, building a strong foundation and advancing your trading proficiency. 

Here’s a sneak peek into what you get:

Modules 1-3 focus on becoming a specialist in trading value, learning to read the market’s mind, and gaining a deeper understanding of context.

Modules 4-6 take you through market and timeframe confluences, understanding market harmonics and rotations, and mastering timing, execution, and order flow.

Modules 7-9 will guide you on managing trades effectively, the specific pre-market analysis process, and day trading with the framework.

Modules 10-12 will train you on swing trading, scalping, and constructing your business plan and financial forecasts.

Modules 13-16 will teach you about constructing the trading plan, what to track and why in journaling, techniques for building discipline & patience, and managing yourself at the moment.

Bonus Modules 17 & 18 introduce you to meditation and mindfulness and setting up charts and settings in MarketDelta\Investor RT.

The Profile Trading Mastery course is more than just an educational platform; it’s a stepping stone to your successful future in the trading business. 

It’s a powerful tool to comprehend the market’s rhythm and trade with precision, confidence, and success. So why wait? Join now and give your trading journey a substantial boost.

Your journey to mastering the art of trading begins here. Embrace the opportunity and soar high in the trading world with the Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery course.

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