Tiago Forte – Pillars Of Productivity

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Tiago Forte – Pillars Of Productivity

Tiago Forte – Pillars Of Productivity


In the fast-paced digital world, productivity is not just a skill, it’s a necessity. Tiago Forte’s Pillars of Productivity course is a game-changer for professionals and individuals seeking to revolutionize their approach to productivity. This comprehensive course is designed to transform your work and life through practical, actionable strategies. Here’s a detailed look at what this transformative course offers:

Introduction to Productivity’s Four Pillars

Embark on a journey with an in-depth introduction to the four pillars of productivity. This course isn’t about passive learning; it’s an active implementation journey. You’ll learn to recognize productivity as a customizable system tailored to combat information overwhelm. Discover the different types of digital information and Tiago’s three core principles for productivity success. The course includes video instructions, app recommendations, actionable checklists, a comprehensive playbook, community sharing, and additional resources.

Mastering Email: Achieve Inbox Zero

Transform your relationship with your inbox. Learn the mindset shift essential for managing emails and configure key settings in your email provider to streamline the process. You’ll master “email triage” to consistently achieve Inbox Zero and learn batch-processing techniques to free up time for creative work outside your inbox.

Calendar Management: Optimizing Your Time

Uncover why most calendars fail to focus on vital tasks and leverage the full power of a digital calendar. This module includes a step-by-step guide to setting up your digital calendar and four ground rules for maximizing its benefits.

Task Management: Taming Your To-Do List

Accept the inevitable truth about to-do lists and discover the advantages of a digital task manager. Understand the concept of “open loops” and master critical features of popular task management apps to end to-do list overwhelm.

Effective Note-Taking

Differentiate between content types and discover the advantages of digital note-taking. Learn efficient capture and organization techniques for digital notes, ensuring you always have access to important information.

Content Consumption: Using a Read-Later App

Rethink your content consumption habits. Understand the benefits of a read-later app as an essential part of your productivity toolkit. Learn Tiago’s best practices for mindful content consumption and create a personalized content filter checklist.

Weekly Review: Setting Up for Success

Overcome misconceptions about Weekly Reviews. Learn the four essential steps of a Weekly Review, watch Tiago complete his own, and develop your own checklist to start each week with clarity and a flexible game plan.

Next Steps: Integrating and Moving Forward

Recap the course lessons, remind yourself of crucial mindset shifts, and pick concrete takeaways for your productivity journey. Identify your main productivity bottleneck and choose appropriate tools and strategies to address it.

Why Choose Pillars of Productivity?

  • Hands-On Learning: Each lesson is packed with instructional videos, concrete action steps, and tool recommendations for immediate application.
  • Customizable System: Learn to tailor productivity strategies to your unique needs, combating information overwhelm effectively.
  • Comprehensive Tools and Resources: From email management to task organization, get introduced to a range of digital tools and apps that enhance productivity.
  • Community and Support: Engage with a community of learners and share insights, enhancing your learning experience.

Who is This Course For?

Pillars of Productivity course is ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone looking to streamline their work and life. Whether you’re struggling with email overload, ineffective time management, or task organization, this course offers practical solutions.

Tiago Forte’s “Pillars of Productivity” is more than just a course; it’s a comprehensive guide to rethinking and reshaping your approach to productivity. 

With its blend of theory, practical tools, and actionable steps, this course is set to elevate your productivity to new heights.

 Enrol now and embark on a journey to transform your productivity and achieve a more organized, efficient, and fulfilling work and life balance.

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