The Prop Trader – ICT Trading Models

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The Prop Trader – ICT Trading Models



Dive deep into the trading world with the comprehensive The Prop Trader  ICT Trading Models course. This meticulously designed program offers strategies, insights, and tools to elevate your trading skills, whether a novice or a seasoned trader. 

Here’s a detailed look at what the course offers:

1. End-of-Day Swing Strategy:

Master the art of FX & Indices Swing Trading with a remarkable 70% win rate. This module will guide you on successfully passing a Prop Challenge, ensuring you’re always ahead in the game.

2. Smart Money Strategy:

Discover the pivotal role of liquidity in FX & Indices intraday moves. This module delves into strategies that harness the power of liquidity, ensuring you capitalize on every opportunity.

3. Market Regime Strategy:

Trading isn’t just about what to trade and how to trade. Learn the nuances of trading in varying Market Regimes, especially for FX & Indices, and adapt your strategies accordingly.

4. Liquidity Grab Strategy:

Targeting HTF Levels and LTF Liquidity, this intraday trading strategy is tailored for EURUSD and GBPUSD. It’s a deep dive into the intricacies of liquidity and how to make the most of it.

5. Crypto Scalping:

The world of crypto is vast and volatile. This module introduces a scalping strategy tailored for crypto assets, focusing on leveraging funding rates for maximum gains.

6. Dealing Range Strategy:

Unravel the secrets of Liquidity Accumulation, Manipulation, and Distribution Continuation Setup. This strategy is a game-changer for those looking to understand market movements deeply.

7. London Fix Strategy:

Day trading has its own set of challenges and rewards. This module offers a strategy for EURUSD and GBPUSD, emphasizing price action dynamics before and after the London FIX.

8. Scalping Strategy:

Learn how to combine tight stops with optimal position sizing and risk management. This strategy is designed to help traders grow their accounts rapidly and efficiently.

9. Busted Breakout Strategy:

Every trend requires consolidation. This module delves into the belief that price consolidations within a movement are sometimes essential for the trend’s continuation.

10. Pivot Strategy:

Pivots play a crucial role in trading. This strategy focuses on using Higher Time Frame and Lower Time Frames Pivots to aid in determining directional bias and entry points for FX and Indices.

11. Initial Balance Strategy:

The first hour of the trading day can be a goldmine of insights. Learn how to use this crucial time to determine the likely daily bias and set the tone for your trading day.

Benefits for Students:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basics to advanced strategies, the course covers every aspect of trading, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
  • Practical Insights: With real-world examples and case studies, students understand how trading strategies work in the actual market.
  • Expert Guidance: The course is curated by industry experts, ensuring the content is relevant, updated, and aligned with current market trends.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the course offers modules catering to all expertise levels.
  • Community Support: Enrolling in the course gives you access to a community of like-minded traders, fostering networking and collaborative learning.

Elevate your trading journey with The Prop Trader – ICT Trading Models course. Enroll today and embark on a path to trading excellence.

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