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Sean Dollwet – Freedom Self-Publishing



What You Get When You Buy Freedom Self-Publishing:

Freedom Self-Publishing 9 Weeks of Training to Advance from Complete Beginner to the Top 0.1% of All Publishers.

Week 1 – The Mindset

You will learn and develop the mindset and approach all 6- and 7-figure earners take to publishing. Prepare for a complete paradigm shift in your understanding of publishing as a business.

Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche

Discover my one-of-a-kind, a three-step system for finding profitable, low-competition niches and keywords on demand. It is the most precise method, and no one else is aware of it.

Week 3 – Creating Your Best-Selling Book

Week 3 is about writing 5-star quality books that stand out from the crowd and sell for years. Everything from customer research to hiring a ghostwriter and designing the book cover will be covered.

Week 4 – Growing Your Fan Base

Dive into the process of creating raving fans who are HUNGRY to read and review your books. You will discover how to quickly and cheaply build your email list.

Week 5 – Launching Your Best-Seller

Learn how the Amazon algorithm works and the #1 most effective book launch strategy for ranking your book and making it an Amazon best-seller.

Week 6 – Mastering Ads

This Amazon ad masterclass will show you how to create, optimize, and scale your ads step by step and a secret ad platform that no one knows about.

Week 7 – Audiobooks and Going Beyond Amazon

Learn how to profit from the booming audiobook market. You’ll discover how to easily convert your book into audiobooks and diversify your portfolio beyond Amazon to generate even more passive income.

Week 8 – Automation – Building Systems So You Can Be Free

You want to create passive income, not just another 9-to-5 job. This module will teach you how to automate, systematize, and build your top-tier team to achieve true freedom.

Week 9 – Scaling Your Publishing Empire to 7-Figures

Who says publishing is just a hobby? In Week 9, you’ll learn the advanced strategies that helped my business grow from $10k to $35k per month and how to EXIT your business for multiple six-figures or even seven-figures.


Amazon Ads Masterclass

Some courses cost $797 or more on Amazon ads. With FSP, you will receive a free masterclass on how to dominate Amazon ads.

Low Content Accelerator

This comprehensive bonus mini-course will teach you how to generate income from books you can write.



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